Where your audience is affects what is important to them and what they talk about online.  

By listening to the conversations about where your audience is, organisations can discover insights and connect with customers locally.

Let’s take a look at the city of Leeds as an example. On social media, there are approximately 1,500 posts about Leeds every day. That’s a lot of content that can affect an audience’s perspective and provides opportunities for engagement.

The conversation in Leeds is predominantly lead by events and things to do. Local organisations and businesses should tailor their content to engage with these conversations and the key local influencers that are also involved. Using the Maybe* platform, we can make sense of these conversations and use the information gathered in a meaningful way.

Leeds ranks 7th in the UK for Digital Influence

Leeds is ranked 7th amongst all UK towns and cities for social media performance. 69.6% of its businesses have social media accounts, though only 24.7% of those are actually active on social media. By engaging with local content, the businesses and organisations who aren’t active on social media would increase their engagement with local audiences. Simply put, that would create more exposure for those businesses.

Where does your town or city rank?

75% of the conversation around 'Leeds' is positive

The conversation in Leeds is very positive, with 75% of the 1,500 daily posts classified as positive. This presents a huge opportunity for local organisations to engage in active and positive conversations that are already happening online.

The How They Feel Report for Leeds, showing how people responded to daily local content. How does your audience feel?

Events are talk of the town

Looking at the content in the conversations happening about Leeds, the most popular content is around things going on in the city. Events, ticketing, as well as time-bound language such as 'today', or 'morning' are commonly used.

 What are the most popular topics in the conversations you’re listening to?

What we can learn from Leeds

Any organisation in Leeds can take these learnings and do the following to see success:

  1. Engage in the positive content about Leeds

  2. Tailor their content to engage with local events

  3. Host events and share them with local audiences and influencers.

Using the Maybe* platform and following Leeds’ example, listen to the conversations where your audience is to engage with content that matters most and reach your business goals faster.

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