Listening to what your audience is saying about your brand online helps create content that resonates.

In this example, we’ll be highlighting the national retailer, Iceland, who opened a new store in Chesterfield’s Vicar Lane shopping centre in 2019. Prior to launch,  working with Maybe* and Vicar Lane shopping centre, they wanted to run a social media campaign that would deliver local footfall throughout opening week.  

With only one Facebook post and ten posters in store, Maybe* obtained the following results:

  • 332 people commented on the post (94 shared it)

  • 243 signed up through a Facebook Messenger chatbot

  • 52 people came into Iceland the week of opening and scanned one of the posters in-store.

15.7% of the people who commented on the Facebook post came into the shop and scanned a Messenger code to enter to win the £50 voucher.

How did they do it?

In designing the campaign, the Vicar Lane team looked at the language people use in their content when they talk about them online.

Words including “chance” “Iceland Foods” and “new store” were prevalent, showing that their local audience had an active interest in giveaways, new stores, and information about the new Iceland.

Vicar Lane’s What’s Being Said Report helped to inform the contest creative and targeting. What is your audience saying?

The mechanic for the Iceland new store opening people was to ask people to comment on a Facebook post, which launched a Messenger chatbot. The bot encouraged people to come into the store during the first week of opening, take a photo of something, and share it on social media for the chance to win a £50 voucher.

The results

The competition was launched on April 14th. The spike below shows the engagement Vicar Lane saw from local shoppers on the day of the competition launch.

Vicar Lane’s See What Works Report that helped to inform the contest creative and targeting.

What's your audience saying?

Using the Maybe* platform, understanding the data was straightforward. The campaign was positively received, as shown by Vicar Lane’s How They Feel Report, displaying a spike on the launch date, 14th April as the campaign engaged over 400 people.

Vicar Lane’s See How They Feel Report shows how people responded to their content. How does your audience feel?

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