In this case study, we’ll be discussing the town of Windsor in the UK.

The UK is full of major tourist hotspots, within which Windsor holds a long-standing destination status. Additionally, given a certain recent royal arrival in the form of Baby Sussex, Maybe* has witnessed a great deal of conversation on social media about both the Royals, and Windsor itself.

Add to this a plethora of neighbouring tourist attractions that contribute to the online chatter about Windsor, and you would be forgiven for thinking that local shops and shopping centres would be spoilt for choice when engaging on social media.  

Needless to say, we were surprised to learn that from local shops and shopping centres, there is little engagement with wider tourist operators or with customers and tourists in Windsor.

Whilst tourist footfall may not result in regular return visits, in an area like Windsor with year-round appeal, it is very consistent.

Retailers and local organisations should be engaging with tourists and tourism groups online to increase their engagement.

As an example, a local shopping centre creates approximately one post every couple of days, and engagement is low.

The See What Works Report, highlighting engagement with social media content. 

See the engagement for your own content.

When we look at what their content is about, we see they are posting about a new salad, and what to wear to work. It mentions one of the retailers, and a food offering the centre has, but did it resonate with the people actually visiting the centre?

The What’s Being Said Report shows the topics resonating with an audience.

What's your audience saying?

Contrasting conversations between place and visitors

By contrast, when we look at what people are saying about the centre, we see tourists mentioning them alongside Duck Tours, Legoland and the Castle - all destinations and tour providers. The centre did not engage with this conversation. Furthermore, their own content is considerably different to what other people and visitors are saying about them.

Retailers in Windsor need to take advantage of the exciting conversations online and create content that resonates with the people coming through the doors. Can you learn from this example and apply it to your own business? Do you find yourself responding to, or ignoring tourist conversations?

The What’s Being Said Report shows the topics resonating with an audience.

What's your audience saying?

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