We understand that tapping into less popular conversations can prove to be a treasure trove of information for your business. Using the Maybe* platform, we listened to the niche conversation online surrounding cookware, to learn what influences purchasing habits in this area.

There is very little conversation per day about cookware, and while sentiment is very positive, the chatter is dominated by deals and discounts. When we peeled this back, we found that there are tastier insights in broader conversations such as cooking, homeware, decor, and kitchen. Beyond those hungry for a bargain, we found that customers are seeking to spice up their kitchens with inspiration from the far-flung corners of the globe.

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The Maybe* ‘How they feel’ graph demonstrating whether conversations around cookware are positive or negative.

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The What’s Being Said Report from Maybe* highlights the terms used most frequently in any conversation.

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Travel gets tastebuds talking

This insight gives independent shops who do not want to discount their offering the opportunity to capitalise on holiday seasons, stirring in tastes of travel and delicious decor into their own content. Make sure to use the insights you've carefully gathered as inspiration for content across your own feeds.

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