Is working with Influencers worth the effort?

You may have asked yourself the following: Should I work with Influencers? Do they actually affect results? How many should I work with? And how do I find the right ones?

To find answers to these questions and more, at Maybe* we used a Facebook Messenger chatbot to ask over 3,000 people their thoughts about Influencers.

To experience the chatbot for yourself, scan the code below by opening the iPhone camera and aim at code or use a QR reader on an Android device.

Key findings

  • How people like to interact with Influencers,

  • If a consumer has ever gone into a shop off the back of something they saw an Influencer talk about online

  • How many Influencers people follow on average.  

Influencers can drive footfall and sales

We learned that 71.6% of the consumers we asked have gone into an offline store to look at something an Influencer has recommended.

Similarly, 71.2% of people have considered buying something because they saw someone share it online.

Given that 90.4% of the people we asked shared that they research things online before buying them offline, being part of that online research conversation is critical.

Should I work with Influencers?

If you’re in clothing retail, beauty, or events, the short answer is yes.

We asked the 71% of people who said they had considered buying something they saw an Influencer share on social media what the item or service was:

  • 25% said clothing

  • 14% said beauty

  • 10% said events.

If you’re within the fitness (3%), holiday (6%), restaurant (4%), or supplement business (1%), the answer is maybe, provided you can find the right fit with your Influencers and audience.

How many Influencers should I work with?

More than you think. Of those we chatted with who did follow Influencers, the majority follow 10 or more influential accounts.

  • 3% follow 5 or more Influencers.

  • 30% follow 10 or more.

To get the most bang for your Influencer buck, working with more Influencers rather than fewer is the best bet.

How do I find the right Influencers to work with?

The Maybe* platform has done the hard work for you.

The platform identifies the key Influencers in every social media conversation that matters to your organisation. The bigger the circle, the greater their influence. By clicking through you can see the content each Influencer is posting and engage with them directly.

This ensures you’re only working with the accounts that truly have influence over your audience.

An example of an Influencer report for BIRA

Key takeaways

  1. Influencers can drive offline footfall - a huge 71% of shoppers have gone into an offline store to look at something an Influencer has recommended.

  2. Retail, clothing and beauty industries have the potential to see the best ROI when working with influencers.

  3. Work with more influencers to ensure your content is seen by a bigger audience.

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