The way that people interact with brands on social media is an evolving process. In this article, we'll discuss how two emerging clothing retailers are consistently engaging and expanding their customer base on social media, and how you can apply this to your own business.

With online retailers like MissGuided and boohoo seeing record sales growth, Topshop, who once created the trends everyone else followed, is now lagging dramatically behind. 

Maybe* listened to and compared the online conversation created by Topshop against boohoo, and Missguided (both emerging online players), to see what is driving customer behaviour and choice.

The problem

There are three key areas where Topshop has been beaten out by boohoo and Missguided:

In this second of three blogs, we explore the content of Topshop’s posts compared against boohoo and Missguided.

Looking at the detail

Topshop’s tone doesn’t match its fashions

Topshop creates, on average, 12 posts per day, Missguided 14 and boohoo 26. But how is their brand personality reflected in each post?

Sadly, Topshop’s posts are missing that fashion-forward and style setting tone they’re famed for.

As noted in our first article on this subject, Topshop’s average engagement per post at 4.24 pales in comparison to both boohoo’s (949) and Missguided (406). This indicates that their content isn’t resonating as well with their customers as their competitors’ content is.

Looking at a head to head of content, both boohoo and MissGuided have worked hard to create active communities online, rather than just sell. 

What Topshop is saying

Below you'll find reports highlighting the most frequently used words and topics by each brand and example pieces of content.

See what messages your organisation is publishing.

What Missguided is saying

See what messages your organisation is publishing.

What boohoo is saying

See what messages your organisation is publishing.

"Continuing to post content that isn’t resonating with your audience is a waste of effort. Focus your time on understanding what your audience wants to hear and you’ll see significantly better success."

Polly Barnfield, CEO and Founder of Maybe*

Sorry, people. Missguided is a Babe.

Missguided’s content has personality to it. Use of salutations like “Babe” or “Queen” and colloquial addresses like “Sorry people” reflect a sassy and tongue-in-cheek brand. In their report above, you can see their cheeky tone ringing through.

Add in their sharing of popular memes, regular engagement with customers’ content whether it's related to fashion or not, and there's a sense the brand has their finger on the pulse of what makes their customers tick, beyond the clothes they covet.

View image on Twitter.


In a similar vein to Missguided, boohoo’s social content is a colourful mix of product and topical memes that resonate with its customers. Given how frequently they post per day (26 times on average), it’s interesting to note that the vast majority of their content has nothing to do fashion.

Rather, it’s a mixture of silly memes, photos, and posts that encourage people to tag in their friends and share. And because people aren’t being overly sold to, they do.

The key takeaway

If your content isn’t delivering the results you need, look at how you position your content. “Buy now” on repeat often delivers the opposite of an engaged audience: a tired, bored, and unengaged group of followers. Focus on engaging your audience and you’ll see better results. 

[Due to restrictions with Instagram’s API,  we have not included Instagram data yet, but given the huge use of Instagram by our fast fashion loving audiences, we will be reviewing this in another post once we have collected enough data to add  Instagram insights, too.]

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