To reach your target audience on social media organically, it’s important to:

  • Know your target audience and share content that is of interest to them;

  • Use relevant hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Linked In: people can then search for words and terms that matter to them, so they are more likely to see your tweets; 

  • Make your posts engaging: ask questions, use great images and videos;
    Schedule evergreen content: that is, content that is timeless and you can repeat in your schedule;

  • Post consistently and at the right times;

  • Engage with and respond to people that comment or share your content;

  • Monitor performance so you can share more of what works.

'See What Works' graph from the Maybe* platform

You can target organic posts on Facebook by audience, too. From your business page, go to settings, then Audience Optimization For Posts, click allow and then save. Then when you post, choose your preferred audience. Click Create+ on your publishing tools page, then you can change the drop down menu to target people with particular interests, of a certain age range or in selected locations.

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