Have you heard of the term 'audiences' for Facebook Advertising but you're not sure what they are?  Here we explain what they are for and the different ones you can create to be more targeted with social media.

Once you get started with Facebook advertising you can become highly targeted with your messaging by creating 'audiences'.

These audiences may be ‘warm’ such that they have already engaged with your business in some way via your website or Facebook and Instagram pages.

Or they may be ‘cold’ such that they have never engaged with your business before but based on your warm audience profile you can build audiences to test that show similar traits. 

Once you have set up your Business Manager to track your business website and social pages it is easy to build your audiences through the Audience Tab.

You can build Custom Audiences of those that have already engaged with your business.  

There are plenty of options to choose from and the size of the audiences you can create will depend on how long you’ve had your website Facebook pixel set up, how many visitors you’ve had to your website and how large a following or how much engagement you have on your Facebook & Instagram pages.

To reach new people you can create a ‘Lookalike’ audience where Facebook can take any of your custom audiences and look for more people who are using Facebook that match that profile.  You can then refine this lookalike to target more specifically the country, the age demographic and interests that are relevant to your customer personas.

If you don’t have a Lookalike audience to work with you can still build ‘interest based’ audiences where you just build up the profile of the kind of person you are looking for. Having a clear audience persona will really help with this. Apart from age and location you can fine tune to their interests and the kind of publications or companies they might have engaged with.

Remember, getting your audiences right is just one step in the advertising journey. You also need to have geared the campaign with the right objective, have great creative, a compelling offer and a fluid user experience so there's no excuse to take action!

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