The simple answer is if it’s relevant then it’s not too much, and if it’s not relevant then it is too much. How do you know if it’s working? Measure your engagement. Here are some great examples from some High Street fashion retailers:

Data from 1st Oct 2019 - 1st Dec 2019. Data is accurate at time of collection and may not account for engagement accrued since collection or via paid media.

River Island and Topshop are averaging 6K engagements per day with Primark and Boohoo achieving 70K and 46K respectively. Bottom line is, the latter’s social media strategy reaches more people.

Social media content has to work for an audience in terms of tone of voice and where the messaging goes. You have to look beyond the numbers to understand how they are doing it, who they're talking to and where.

If you look at Boohoo, they're very Gen Z savvy in terms of their use of emojis, their language, their pop culture references. With Primark it's a similar story, but they also know they have a captive mummy audience as well. BOTH Primark and Boohoo create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and excitement around their product.   

There is no magic formula for how much you post per day - the takeaway has to be that if it works for your customers you'll achieve more engagement.

Are you adding value to your customers via your social media strategy? Or just trying to derive value from them… if you are doing the latter, you won’t get away with posting more content. 

This is where Maybe* can help you. We help organisations do this more efficiently. We think differently about social, putting the voice of the customer front and centre. We listen first to help you incrementally improve your results, doing more of what works by understanding what your audience likes.

As for how much to post - just listen carefully to what your audience is telling you. If you are entertaining and engaging them you will not post too much. If your content is not relevant, then even a small amount of it is too much.

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