With around half a billion daily users, Instagram Stories should play a key role in your social media strategy and it pays to keep up with the new releases and trends.
The 'Create' mode from Instagram allows you to create a story without having to share a photo or video.

You have a choice of adding text, gifs, fun templates, question stickers and more by scrolling through the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have selected your option, such as the question sticker for example, click the round sticker at the bottom of screen. You can now add more to your template as you would a normal story with extra text, gifs, hashtags, stickers etc. This is where you can get really creative and playful. Then you are ready to publish.

If you’re using a question sticker, here’s how to reply:

  1. Your follower's question will show up in the viewers list of your Instagram Story.

  2. Tap the question you want to respond to, generating a new Story.

  3. Enter your answer as a text sticker on the new Story and publish it.

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