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Invite your colleagues to Maybe*
Invite your colleagues to Maybe*

Make the most of our unlimited user policy and invite your colleagues into your Maybe* account.

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Maybe* has an unlimited user policy so you can add as many of your colleagues as you like to your account. This means if you have multiple team members who look after different things, you can all access the account and the tools you need.

Ready to get started?

  • Head over to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Click on 'Settings' in the top right of the screen

  • Select ‘Manage your team’ and click ‘Add new team member’ 

  • Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite, select the company role you would like them to have and hit "Send invitation".

  • There are three company roles. The 'Company admin' has access to everything including billing and your account settings. A Team member can access all tools and features, add conversations and engage from within Maybe*. Read only is for users you just wish to view the data within Maybe*

Remember that you can invite as many people as you'd like. 

View a how-to tour by going to the Maybe* dashboard on a desktop.

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