When you engage with someone else's content they are significantly more likely to engage with yours. The Maybe* platform can help you to identify relevant content to engage with so you can start to increase your engagement and reach.

See a full description of all of the tabs on your Engagement page below:

Your ads

This is where you will find all of the Facebook Ads that you have published. We will show you your return on ad spend so that you can quickly identify which adverts are performing well and not so well. Depending on how your advert is set up Maybe* will also give you suggestions on how to improve the performance of your advert.

Your posts

This is where you will find all of the content that you have published, sorted by ‘Most engaged’. This shows you which content has performed best so you can do more of it. 


This is where other users comments on your social media posts will go. Go through and interact with them and keep the conversation going!


This is where content where people have mentioned your organisation by name will appear. They will be people who started a conversation with you so you should engage with them back. Go through and interact with the content here. Once you connect your social accounts to Maybe* you can like it, comment on it, reply to it, share it, schedule it, or assign it to another team member to action.


Content found under your Engage tab is content that doesn’t mention you by name, but is relevant to your organisation. The best way to get people talking to you and about you is to join in the conversations people are already having. The key is to be authentic, interesting, and genuine.

To add conversations you’d like to engage with, pop them into the Maybe* search bar and select 'engage' when asked what you'd like to do with it. If you’re stuck on what to add, think of other organisations or hashtags that are relevant to you or your audience. These should be conversations that you want to interact with by liking, commenting or sharing. 

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