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How to use Ads reporting
How to use Ads reporting

Connect your Facebook Ads Manager account to Maybe* to easily track and optimise your ads’ performance

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If you are running Facebook and Instagram advertising using Facebook Ad Manager you can connect your Ad Manager to Maybe* to review your ad campaigns. The Your Ads feature shows you which ads you have running sorted by the best return on your spend, though you can change this ordering across the top as well as the date.

The filters on the left hand side of the screen allow you to select the status (live, paused, completed) and objective (Traffic, engagement, conversion etc).

For each Ad objective, the key metrics are shown to help you understand what’s working and what’s not. Each ad can be managed by clicking the ‘go to Ads manager’ button if you want to make any changes to the set up or status of the ad to optimise the advertising performance.

If your ad is performing well, you can choose to increase spend. If an ad is underperforming, choose to turn it off or pause it.

See Your ads report in action.

To get started

  • Head over to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Reports’ and choose ‘Your ads’

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