If you are running Facebook and Instagram advertising using Ad Manager you can connect this up to Maybe using settings/integrations/FacebookAdsManager.

All your Facebook ads can be reached from your dashboard from the second tab along - titled Ads.  Click through to see your ads performance from your dashboard. You can filter ads by its ROAS, Recency and Status (live, paused, completed) and objective (Traffic, engagement, conversion etc).

For each Ad objective, the key metrics are shown to help you understand whats working and whats not.  You click through to Ads Manager if you want to make any changes to the set up to optimise the advertising performance.

If you need to report on your advertising, navigate to Results/YourReport and you can see your ad spend. Click on the graph and see the ads that are responsible for the spend.    

You can also filter your engagement and posts by Paid and Organic so you can see the break down.

If you need help to set up your Ads Manager within Maybe* - read this article: http://help.maybetech.com/en/articles/3560772-connect-facebook-ads-manager

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