All you need is a personal LinkedIn page to set one up for your business, and it's a great way to tell other professionals and businesses all about what your organisation does.

Setting up your business page:

  • Add your page admins - anyone in your team that you want to help manage your page;

  • Here are a few quick polishes from Hootsuite to 'ensure your Company Page follows best practices and looks as professional as possible';

  • Connect your business and personal pages, so people can click through to view your business page when they view your personal profile. See How to Correctly Link Your Personal LinkedIn Profile to Your Company’s LinkedIn Company Page;

  • Link to your LinkedIn business page from your website, along with your other social feeds;

  • Tell your employees that your business has a presence on LinkedIn, so they can follow this and also link to this from their personal profile, as it's likely a lot of them will be signed up already. 

If you're in need of some inspiration when setting up your page, take a look at The 11 Best Small Business LinkedIn Pages We've Seen.

As with any social media platform, be consistent with your activity on LinkedIn. Spend a little time each day on your personal profile connecting with people that have common interests and goals and establishing a quality network. This will help spread the word about what your business does.

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