It’s easy to set up your social media accounts and then forget to post regularly. Especially if your business is having a particularly busy or challenging time and it's hard to make social media a priority.

Staying active on your social media channels is vital however if you want to keep your existing customers and build an engaged audience.

Facebook is great for making announcements to your local community and keeping them informed of what's currently happening with your business. Try to think like your perfect customer - what content can you provide which will be useful to them and help them?

Make sure you do the following:

  • Post on a regular basis with updates from your business, your local town, your offers, your tips etc

  • Engage with other businesses and customers by asking questions and starting conversations

  • Respond to people who comment on your posts. If they’ve taken the time to engage with you, reply and keep the conversation going

If you're struggling to find the time for posting regularly, why not try a simple scheduling tool either using Facebook's own scheduler or Buffer which is integrated to the Maybe* platform. This will allow you to plan ahead and get your social media posts done and out the way in one go each week. Remember that if you don't have time to post - do engagement instead - this is just as valuable to get your business seen and Maybe* makes this so easy!

Staying active means that the content you post is more likely to be shown to your existing followers, and it means that potential new followers can see that it’s worth following you too.

Take a look at this short video to see how you can engage from a business Facebook page

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