Perhaps more than ever, it is vital to stay connected via social media, and your Instagram channel is no exception.

Instagram is a brilliant way of keeping in touch with your customer base, offering the ability to share business updates, stock levels, and behind the scene snippets. 

Now is the time to focus your efforts online, as the world has moved away from face to face contact, however briefly, and we are increasingly looking to our phones to maintain our connections.

As an organisation, you have the power to truly engage with your followers, via Instagram, and here is what we suggest:

  1. Make Stories your first port of call. The Stories feature is where the majority of users spend the bulk of their time, so make yours count! Get yourself in front of the camera and speak directly to your audience (please don’t forget to use captions!). You don’t need to pour your heart out, but people will truly appreciate the human side to your business at the moment.
  2. Get your audience involved.  Ask them what they need from you, and consider how best you can deliver it. Run polls, ask questions; additionally, ask your followers to share their own images featuring your work or product.
  3. Make your grid a safe space. Don’t bombard your followers with messaging that is neither timely nor sensitive. Carefully consider the content you are showcasing on your main grid, and whether it adds value to your customers’ social (media) lives at present.

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