If you are a local business with a local footfall, Facebook is an excellent social media channel  to find and build relationships online to draw people to your store or keep you business front of mind. 

Posting regularly on Facebook gives you the means to inform, educate, inspire, ask questions and generally relate with your followers. 

Prompting and keeping conversations going is really important to build that sense of community and let customers know you are there for them.  Also Facebook likes it and gives you better organic reach the more engagement seen on your posts.

Here are some ways to connect and engage with your local community on Facebook:

  • Connect with other local businesses through town groups. Often there are local groups created where you can post about your business and support each other. Search for ‘Town Businesses’ ,‘Town Business groups’ on Facebook to see the ones in your area.
  • Use local #hashtags such as #TownBusiness to find content and communities that are relevant to you. In addition, if you add the hashtag to your posts, other businesses can use them to find and connect with you as well.
  • Follow local accounts, such as local radio stations and inspiring people in your community.
  • Facebook favours posts that have conversation around them. Try asking your customers what they think of your new products or your new window display with an image. The quicker you generate a reaction, the better the organic reach of your post.

       This post from Qoozies encourages people to comment and interact with them:

  • If someone has taken the time to leave you a comment on a post, make sure you reply just as you would if someone had spoken to you in-store. This creates engagement on your post and shows Facebook that it is relevant to your audience. 
  • Make sure you engage with content that is relevant to all your connections, to keep them engaged and coming back for more.
  • Involve your community. Ask your audience to share their most recent purchases and tag you in their posts.

Nana B Baby & Childrenswear Boutique have been doing a great job sharing images of their items sent in by customers, a lovely way to engage with their community:

Maybe* keeps the engagement simple by helping you track the local conversations that matter to your business and presenting them all in one place so you can reply, like and share with ease.

For more helpful tips see Engage your followers , Building relationships with your followers , and Building a successful online community for your brand

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