At Maybe*, we’re a business built on remote working, with a team spread over three continents and multiple time zones. We’ve got years of experience of using online software to keep our teams communicating and our world turning. Here we’re sharing our favourite tools to make remote working simple, efficient and effective.

Meetings, quick chats, presentations, document sharing, project management, office banter - all of these activities that may normally take place in your office or boardroom can take place online, using free or very affordable tools. 

Team communications
This is often the biggest concern for businesses but with clear guidelines and a simple system, digital communication can be as effective, if not, more so than in person. The Maybe* team’s go-to communication channel is Slack. It’s a workplace that allows you to organise your organisations’ communications in channels for group discussions or private messages. You can host video calls with your teams, share your screen, send documents, images and other assets. It’s quick and easy to use and we’d be lost without it.

Project management
Keeping on top of everything is a challenge in any business, but having a good project management tool in place is the difference between order and chaos, especially when your team is working remotely. It’s business critical that your team works efficiently and stays on track with projects when working under their own steam. The Maybe* team lives on Trello - we use it for its flexibility and ease of use. Each Trello board is filled with lists, which are filled with cards containing tasks. Each card is attributed to a person or group of people. Every time there’s an action, the relevant people are notified. Documents can be attached to the card and there are sections for notes.
Document management
With people in different places needing regular access to often the same documents at the same time, it’s crucial you use a system that enables real time collaboration.
We’re big fans of Google Suite. Multiple users can edit a document at the same time, while seeing each others' changes instantaneously. You can produce text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets and drawings.

Social management
During a time of crisis, it's critical that businesses are communicating with their customers, and the most efficient way to communicate en masse is through your social channels. It will come as no surprise that here at Maybe*, we use Maybe* to keep track of our social activity!
Rather than struggling to monitor multiple platforms at the same time, Maybe* pulls together all of the metrics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we’re able to see what conversations are happening which relate to us, who is engaging with us, how our social ads are converting and a load more. There’s also an ‘assign’ function within Maybe* which enables you to allocate different tasks to different members of your team. This is really useful when your team is in multiple locations as it prevents duplication and confusion across your channels which can be a waste of time and look unprofessional. 

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