Right now it is tempting to panic post on social media to drive and recover what you think you might lose. Here are some thoughts on what you should do instead to help you adapt during this challenging time:

Pause your scheduled communication and posts
Your current communication plan has likely gone out of the window. Hit pause on what you had planned to say. This will ensure you are not risking damaging your brand by being insensitive, or ineffectively throwing your posts into the Coronavirus void. If you are running advertising, pause that too. This will ensure that you are not promoting services that are currently irrelevant, or that you are now unable to deliver. It will also save money, ensuring you are not wasting advertising spend on content that will not convert.

Listen and learn first
Ensure that your social media is manned and you are paying closer attention to your inbound communication than your outbound. Use Maybe* to identify conversations about your local area or topics of current interest. Doing this will help you build a picture of how your customers are feeling, what content is resonating best, and what services they need from you the most urgently.

Revise your existing advertising
Manage your advertising, refine your advertising targeting so that your warm leads keep you front of mind. Reviewing your current live messaging will help you avoid insensitive pitfalls.

Engage, engage, engage
Now you have prioritised what and who you are listening to, your best strategy is one of engagement. Engage by replying to all customers incoming messages to you first.
Then participate in the conversation in your local area, supporting other businesses, and directing customers to services you can still provide, or that others can provide.

You could also choose to listen and engage with some of the inspiring content out there by following hashtags like #CoronaKindness or #inthistogether.

It is tempting to carry on as normal, but it is not business as usual, as much as we all wish it was. By focusing on engaging over scheduling, you can react as situations change over the coming weeks and months. 

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