If you spot a fake review, you can contact Google and request that it be removed. Google has a policy outlining what is and isn’t permissible, so you won’t be able to request a review be removed simply because you don’t agree with it or consider it to be unfair.

Spotting a fake review can be difficult, but as the business owner or marketing owner you should be able to perform checks internally to figure out if the reviewer is actually a genuine customer.

To request that a Google review be removed, you’ll need to flag the review in question. To do this:

  1. Log into your Google My Business account
  2. Open the relevant listing
  3. Click on the ‘reviews’ section from the menu
  4. Navigate to the review in question
  5. Click to the three dots and then click ‘flag as inappropriate’.

Google says that it will also work to remove spam reviews before they hit your profile, noting:

"Google uses automated spam detection measures to remove reviews that are probably spam. Although legitimate reviews are sometimes removed inappropriately, these spam prevention measures help improve people’s experiences on Google by ensuring that the reviews that they see are authentic, relevant and useful."

Of course, there is no guarantee that Google will remove these reviews. For help with managing your Google My Business listing and reviews, head to the Google My Business Help Community.

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