If you want to track results or produce summary reporting for other organisations, you can do so from your Insight builder.

The report can be built by you from your chosen metrics, including engagement and sentiment. You also have the ability to highlight the best post by both engagement and reach for any organisation you are listening to. You can click into each graph within the report to take you directly to the content it relates to, so you can see exactly what works.

Here's how to produce your report:

  • Go to Insight builder under Insights from the top menu.

  • Select your date range.

  • Use the filters on the left hand side by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the information you want to see.

  • Save your reports for ease of reference so that next time you create a report, all you will have to do is adjust the date range.

  • Add notes should you find insights to record.

Click here to head over to your Insight builder page and start creating your own custom reports.

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