Maybe* have developed the concept of a "sponsored" account so that larger organisations can help groups of SMEs improve their ability to use social media to connect with customers. It's an ideal way for Membership Organisations, Local Authorities and BIDs to help SMEs accelerate their use of social media.

Within a sponsored account all of the business involved can engage with each other's social media conversations really quickly and easily from their Engage page. This helps them to increase their use of social media across all social platforms and helps them to learn how to better engage with their customers through this increasingly vital channel.

Each sponsorship package provides access to different levels of Maybe*. If your account is sponsored, you will need to head to your Billing page and go through the checkout process to see the voucher code applied. If you can't see your voucher automatically applied, pop us a message using the blue chat icon.

As part of the sponsorship package, all businesses have access to training and support from the Maybe* team. This includes our daily live training sessions, which you can sign up to any day of the week. We look forward to seeing you there!

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