Comparing your social media activity against others’ is a great way for you to learn what works and how to improve. You can add any business to Maybe* to compare yourself against. You can add a conversation in the 'Groups' tab of your Maybe* Engage page. Use the 'Add a business or hashtag' button in the top left.

To compare yourself against any business you have added head to the Maybe* dashboard and scroll down to the bottom half of the screen. On the right hand side you will find 'Weekly insights' and a box to change insights. Click here and all the businesses you have added will appear. You can select or change the business you want to compare yourself to at any time.

Ready to get going?

  • Head over to Maybe*

  • On your dashboard scroll down to the weekly insights which you will find on the right

  • Click ‘change insight conversation’ from the drop down and select the conversation you want to compare

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