When you first sign up for Maybe* we ask you which sector your business is in, this helps us pre-select a business who are top of their social game in your sector so that you can start comparing. If you want to change the pre-selected business, you can easily do that yourself. Comparing your social media activity against others’ is a great way for you to learn what works and how to improve.

To change your pre-selected business, add the conversation for the business you want to compare yourself to. Use the search bar at the top of any page within Maybe* to enter the name of the business, individual or hashtag you wish to add. Remember Maybe* is best used on a desktop.

Choose the conversations you want to add using the ‘plus’ button and choose which ‘group’ you want to assign them to, or create a new group.

Ready to get going?

  • Head over to Maybe*

  • On your homepage scroll down to the weekly insights which you will find on the right

  • Click ‘change insight conversation’ from the drop down and select the conversation you want to compare

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