Twitter takes further steps towards increased privacy

Twitter has updated its privacy settings for users and have compiled a handy step-by-step guide for those wishing to make use of it. The aim is to help Twitter users better understand the information they share, and how they can set limitations on that information to help control their overall experience, which all sounds brilliant in our book. Well done, Twitter.

TikTok’s brand safety solution

In response to growing concerns in the US regarding TikTok’s data and safety protocols, the network has partnered with OpenSlate, ‘to ensure a positive and safe environment for our brand partners advertising on TikTok’. In Europe meanwhile, TikTok numbers have surged with around 17 million people using the app each day in the UK alone

Google Analytics gets a revamp

Tech giant Google has launched a new version of Google Analytics with a view to providing new ways to track and monitor key data trends, to help businesses anticipate customer need. More news from Google, plus a walk-through here.

Zoom unveils OnZoom - new ticketed events service

Undoubtedly the success story of 2020, online meeting-place Zoom has had an unprecedented year. To that end, the platform is testing out a beta version of ‘OnZoom’ - a monetised service that will allow for ticketed events.

According to Zoom it will be: ‘An extension of Zoom’s unified communications platform, OnZoom is a comprehensive solution for paid Zoom users to create, host, and monetise events like fitness classes, concerts, stand-up or improv shows, and music lessons on the Zoom Meetings platform.’

It’s only in the US for now, but watch this space. More Zoom related social media news here.

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