What is Local Rewards?

Local Rewards is a nationwide loyalty programme that helps rebuild local economies by rewarding shoppers for spend in-store and by making local businesses more discoverable.

Local Rewards are triggered by Visa and Mastercard spend and delivered via Facebook Messenger. It also

For Shoppers >> Find your local retailers and see what they have on offer. Collect and claim Local Rewards.

For Retailers >> Reach more shoppers and measure the impact of online promotions on in-store transactions.

How does Local Rewards work?

Customers in your area register to Local Rewards on Facebook Messenger. Each time a customer makes a transaction in a participating store through Visa, MasterCard or AMEX they earn points, which can be used towards rewards from other local retailers.

This can be anything from special experiences, free parking, a coffee, an exclusive discount or special offer.

They can browse all the rewards available in their local area by participating businesses and view all of the local Instagram content.

How can Local Rewards help my organisation?

Once signed up, you can create a reward for your organisation that customers in your local area can browse and redeem in-store. This can enable your business to see exactly how online promotions drive in-store sales.

Why do I need to add my business location to use Local Rewards?

You need to add your business address to start using Local Rewards. If you want to start tracking in-store payments from Visa, MasterCard and AMEX to your location, you will need to be on an Engage Plus plan or more. To start tracking spend, it is very important you double check you are adding the correct address, and that you have the authority to link in-store transactions here.

Is my organisation suitable for Local Rewards?

Local Rewards is suitable for any high street business, retailer, restaurant or shopping centre that has a physical location.

How much does Local Rewards cost?

It is free to set up an account, add your location and create a reward. To track your in-store transactions and reward performance we have a range of plans available starting from £95 a month depending on how many transactions you have per month. In some towns accounts are sponsored by local accounts.

I am a BID or council, am I able to sponsor my local area?

Certainly! You can sponsor all the businesses in your area to help restore the local economy. Get in touch for more information.

How do customers redeem my reward?

Your customers can redeem your reward in-store by showing a redemption message of your choosing.

How can I promote Local Rewards in my business or local area?

Each time you create a Reward you have the opportunity to share it on social media and we also have a Promo Pack filled with online assets, posters and fliers which you can customise for your brand or local area.

How can I appear in my High Street Guide

To appear in your High Street Guide, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you are registered on Google My Business

  2. Post on Instagram at least once every 7 days

  3. Create a Local Reward

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