Dunmow Emporium is a wonderland of interior stylings and homeware. The business has been busy through lockdown finding alternative ways to serve customers. Dunmow Emporium has a beautiful social media presence which perfectly reflects the business and its product. Here we show you the ten steps you can take to replicate Dunmow Emporium’s wondrous social media success for yourself.

Step 1: Knowing the business goal

Dunmow Emporium’s business goal is to keep selling to customers online throughout lockdown and beyond be it online or in person.

Step 2: Telling their story

Dunmow Emporium is a local Essex business. Throughout lockdown 2.0 the business did not have to close as they were classed as a garden centre. However the business still felt responsible to provide extra services for customers who did not feel comfortable shopping physically, even though they could. During November the business maintained its connection to customers by sharing their opening plans, as well as the measures they were taking to keep staff and shoppers safe. By shaping their story and their services around people and their needs, the business has proved it is an empathetic and people first business. As a result through November, Dunmow Emporium has increased the amount of social content, and the amount of engagement it has received.

The Maybe* See what works report for Dunmow Emporium showing the social media content created and the engagement with it

Step 3: Getting their audience to take action

Dunmow Emporium wants its customers to shop via whatever channel they feel comfortable and wants them to support small businesses. By championing the support local message as well as providing a click and collect, and a call and collect service, the business leaves its customers with multiple options to shop, and no real option not to shop local.

Step 4: Engaging with customers

Dunmow Emporium are able to identify other independent businesses in Uttlesford and customer conversations by interacting with the #shoplocal conversation within the Maybe* Engage tab. They can also add all the conversations created by other Great Dunmow businesses, and listen and engage with the #Uttlesford or #GreatDunmow conversation. This feature of the Maybe* platform allows users to track a hashtag conversation or any social media users, and engage with their content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all in one place. This feature enables Dunmow Emporium to curate and engage with content easily.

Maybe* Engage tab showing the #shoplocal conversation that Dunmow Emporium could engage with

Step 5: Knowing which audience to engage

Dunmow Emporium wants to engage Christmas shoppers in the Dunmow and wider Uttlesford area. By tagging up all their content with local hashtags, the business ensures its content is discoverable.

Step 6: Knowing where to engage

The business is active on Facebook and Instagram, but Facebook drives the most engagement, so it is there they should prioritise their efforts. At the same time Dunmow Emporium’s Instagram is growing . They can get a jump start on what works for Dunmow’s residents by tracking the best Instagram posts in the whole area using the Maybe* best post tool to learn from other businesses.

The Maybe* best post tool showing the best Instagram posts in Great Dunmow

Step 7: Knowing what else their customers are distracted by and interested in?

Dunmow Emporium knows its audience are distracted by a small, very minor seasonal event, called CHRISTMAS. As a florist, and garden centre as well as a gifting retailer, and an indie one at that, Dunmow Emporium should listen to some of the free conversations in the Maybe* platform such as #shoplocal, #clicklocal, #localChristmas and the #Dearlocal hashtag campaign launched by Google. These conversations can be localised to the Uttlesford area, and will help Dunmow Emporium engage with local customers and other local businesses. Anyone can add these conversations, you’ll find them in your recommended tab within Maybe*.

Add your free, recommended conversations within the Maybe* Engage view

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Getting advertising right will help you reach, engage and convert new customers. Dunmow Emporium are running an ad to promote their Christmas tree offering. Using custom and lookalike audiences and then deploying retargeting ad campaigns via the Maybe* Ad Manager would have been a great tactic to get super smart with targeting and reach more customers

Custom - A custom audience allows you to take your Facebook page and Instagram page and build an audience based on who and how it's been engaged with over a period of time.

Lookalike - Dunmow Emporium could have created a custom audience from its page engagement A lookalike is where you take a custom audience (and you can only do it on custom audiences) and say find me the top 1% of people who match my existing custom audience. Facebook will then find all the people in your custom audience, and then look for more people it thinks might be similar based solely on their Facebook activity. This approach would allow Dunmow Emporium to target ads to anyone who had engaged with their content, and people like them.

The Maybe* Ads Manager makes managing your Facebook and Instagram ads, and optimising what’s working, really easy.

See how the Maybe* Ad Manager makes connecting and managing your ads simple

Step 9: Measuring success

The Maybe* Insight summary allowed Dunmow Emporium to track their social media performance against other businesses in the Dunmow and wider Uttlesford district. By knowing where their own content ranks against other businesses in place, and what the best post for other businesses is, they can learn where they need to improve.

Explore the Maybe* Insight summary

Step 10: Measuring yourself against the original objective

Do you know how you are measuring success? Maybe* helps you do that. Check out the Maybe* Your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals. Dunmow Emporium can track their social media engagement, brand sentiment and identify influencers all through the Your report feature.

How using Your report within Maybe* helps you track your social media and business goals

Key takeaway

Maybe* is here to help businesses stay connected to customers so you can make more sales. Learning from what other local businesses are doing can help you improve and make social media work for you.

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