The team at Doncaster Council have had us chuckling at their social media since the early days of lockdown. The council excels at taking dry topics and adding humour and humanity. Here we walk you through ten steps the Council can take to keep up their social media engagement among Donny’s residents.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Doncaster Council’s goal is to use social media to communicate effectively and efficiently with the people of Doncaster. They need to land dry, sometimes unpopular and throughout 2020, hard hitting messages that help spread the word at scale.

Step 2: Telling the Doncaster Council story

Doncaster Council’s story is all about place and personality. The council uses social media to deliver the usual messages you would expect from a council, but the story is often told with a typically Donny tone of voice. Northern humour, dry wit, and straight talking are what really separates Doncaster Council from many others. Landing tone is crucial in telling this particular council tale. Even with tough subjects, humanity and empathy is always present.

Step 3: What do Doncaster Council want its audience to do

Doncaster Council want their audience to engage and help it spread its messages. Messages about local services and health updates are more often than not shared via Facebook. But on Twitter, the council likes to have a laugh, and engage residents with a bit of topical wit and banter.

Step 4: How does Doncaster Council engage with its audience?

Doncaster Council can monitor and engage with the conversations and the audience of those conversations created about #doncaster or #doncasterisgreat and by organisations like Visit Doncaster. This enables Doncaster Council to interact wider than its existing audience as well as demonstrating its passion for the community.

The Maybe* Engage view showing the #Doncaster conversation that Doncaster Council could engage with

Step 5: Who does Doncaster Council want to engage?

Doncaster council needs to engage residents, local businesses, and public figures. Using the Maybe* Who’s got influence report helps councils like Doncaster identify the biggest voices in the conversation about them, and the most frequent commenters and engagers on its own content. Knowing this should inform its engagement strategy and will also help the council identify new conversations to monitor or engage with.

The Maybe* Who’s got influence report showing the voices in the conversation about Doncaster Council

Step 6: Where do Doncaster Council need to engage and how did they do it successfully?

Doncaster Council is active across Facebook and Twitter. Doncaster Council’s approach is very human and personal which lends itself to driving very high engagement. On Twitter the Council’s tone is self deprecating and playful. Doncaster Council creates less social media content on Facebook.. But updates tend to be longer and more detailed. The content is still direct, and while not as humorous as the approach on Twitter, the tone is never stuffy, no matter the topic. By knowing what works for its audience, Doncaster Council is able to invest the majority of their efforts, in the right place. Focus your efforts on where your audience are, and where they engage with you the most. The Maybe* See What Works report will help you figure this out for your business.

The Maybe* See What Works report for Doncaster Council showing the content and engagement with it throughout November

Step 7: Who or what else are your audience distracted by and interested in?

Doncaster Council knows its audience are interested in the local area, and anything from bin collection to potholes, to global issues like the environment. However the council also recognises the community are following the Covid-19 pandemic, looking ahead to Christmas and during November are moved by Remembrance Day and the Poppy Appeal. So the council also created content around events of cultural and national importance, even paying homage to the trending John Lewis Christmas ad. The council is also able to monitor the conversation created about it. This insight allows Doncaster Council to measure the number of social media posts about the council and the engagement with it. This means they can stay on top of issues impacting residents and prioritise responding to the voices in the community that are having the biggest impact, addressing issues off the bat.

The Maybe* See What Works report for Doncaster Council showing the content created about council throughout November

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Doncaster Council are not currently using advertising which is not uncommon for councils at all. Although the councils have no sales messaging to promote, using Facebook advertising to deliver local campaign messaging would be a fantastic way to increase the reach of its messaging. And as the Maybe* Ad manager captures comments on Facebook advertising posts, the council would still be able to manage and respond to any feedback achieved through paid media, in the same spot it can engage organically. Pretty neat!

Step 9: What are Doncaster Council’s measures of success?

Engagement and sentiment are the biggest measure of the council’s social media success. Engagement shows whether the messages are being shared by the audience, while sentiment of both comments on Doncaster Council’s posts, and any measures of them, can be used to track public attitudes to the council’s messages, and the council as a whole.

Step 10: Measuring delivery on the original objective?

Check out the Maybe* Your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals.

Doncaster Council does a great job building a loyal following of engaged and invested followers who want to shop with the brand. Using Maybe* means Doncaster Council is able to monitor engagement, sentiment and conversation topics by it, and about it; all in one place.

Key takeaway

Whatever social media content Doncaster Council creates - it's engaging, shareable and relevant. When it’s appropriate to be humorous, the council is unafraid to be so, and in turn nails a human and empathetic approach where many councils would err on the side of formality and caution. When it needs to be plain speaking, the council ensures essential information leaves no room for misinterpretation and is crystal clear.

Maybe* is here to help councils stay connected to residents and businesses so a whole community can thrive.

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