Holland Cooper is a thriving luxury fashion label that blends country style with statement city living. Founded in 2008 the brand was built by Jade Holland Cooper, who has also built her own social media presence to complement that of her brand. Holland Cooper’s beautiful social media content engages not only a country living, horsey loving crowd, but is also successfully engaging and building a new audience thanks to the brands excellent use of influencers from the likes sof shows like Made in Chelsea. Here we show you how the brand builds social media engagement and a loyal social media following for the brand, and for its founder.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Holland Cooper wants to drive sales through social media. The brand has two physical stores, one in Bicester Village, and a flagship store in Edinburgh. So online sales are necessary to sell to more customers.

Step 2: Telling the Holland Cooper story

Holland Cooper’s story is very much Jade Holland Cooper’s story and the founder frequently features in social media content by the brand. In addition Jade tells her brand’s story as well as her own to her own personal following. Shining a generous peek into her life, also allows Jade to support other businesses she is a fan of, including country pubs and bars like those within the Lucky Onion Group. And she also talks to her followers about her own style, including how she does things like curl her hair. This story paints the picture of an entire lifestyle, rather than just clothes, and helps followers get to know the face behind the brand. People want to invest in people, and Holland Cooper knows this, and responds to this customer want extremely well.

Step 3: What do Holland Cooper want its audience to do

Holland Cooper want their customers to shop. But they know their customer is a luxury customer and so they inspire them and educate them with a beautiful editorial style. This fashion forward approach is matched with stronger sales messaging especially around events like Black Friday.

Step 4: How does Holland Cooper engage with customers?

Following key horse events and hashtags allows Holland Cooper to monitor and engage with the conversations and the audience of those conversations. This enables Holland Cooper to interact with could-be and existing customers.

The Maybe* Engage view showing the conversation by British Dressage that Holland Cooper could engage with

Step 5: Who does Holland Cooper want to engage?

Coupled with its editorial style, and Jade’s social media presence, Holland Cooper engages in the conversations created by the influencers it partners with. These influencers come from the riding and eventing community, as well as from reality TV shows. This approach allows Holland Cooper to reach a core demographic, as well as expand their awareness and customer base outside of the racing, and eventing set.

The Maybe* Who’s got influence report showing the voices in the conversation about Holland Cooper

Step 6: Where do Holland Cooper need to engage and how did they do it successfully?

Holland Cooper is active across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The business knows its customers are predominantly active on Facebook and Instagram and engage with them there the most. The business has spent several years honing its approach and growing its audience, and learning the social media conversations that engage its audience organically. As a result Holland Cooper really knows what makes its audience tick. By knowing what works for its audience, Holland Cooper is able to invest the majority of their efforts, including their advertising spend in the right place. Focus your efforts on where your customers are, and where they engage with you the most. The Maybe* See What Works report will help you figure this out for your business.

The Maybe* See What Works report for Holland Cooper showing the content and engagement with it November 1 - November 23

Step 7: Who or what else are your customers distracted by and interested in?

Holland Cooper knows its audience are interested in eventing, dressage and horse racing events and public figures. By investing in its successful influencer approach, Holland Cooper enjoys an uplift in conversation created about the brand.

The Maybe* See What Works report for Holland Cooper showing the content created about the brand engagement with it November 1 - November 23

This insight allows Holland Cooper to measure the success and engagement of the content its influencers post so that they can prioritise their relationships and investment.

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Running ads is not just a case of switching them on, or using that little blue boost button. No one wins with that button except Facebook. Holland Cooper supports its eCommerce business with Facebook advertising. Once you’ve got a Facebook page, you can have a free Facebook ads account which allows you to advertise on both Facebook and Instagram. Don’t be daunted, Maybe* makes using the Facebook Ads manager super simple.

If you’re using advertising on Facebook and Instagram, your audience insights will really help inform who you should target. You can create three different types of audience within the Facebook Ads manager. Let’s break them down.

Saved - this is easy. This is basically a cold audience, one that has perhaps never come across you before. This audience type allows you to add behavioural and interest targeting; gender and demographic information. So if you want to advertise to women between 25-45 in London who like Vogue magazine, well you can do that. You can then save these down to use again.

Custom- A custom audience allows you to take your Facebook page and Instagram page and build an audience based on who and how it's been engaged with over a period of time. You can also upload your customer email addresses here, and display ads to anyone you’ve also got on your email list. providing of course the email you have for them is the same they log in to Facebook with. Or you can use data that your Facebook pixel has collected.

Lookalike - this is the clever stuff. Made easy. So let’s say you have created a custom audience from your email addresses, page engagement or pixel data. A lookalike is where you take a custom audience (and you can only do it on custom audiences) and say find me the top 1% of people in the UK who match my existing custom audience. Facebook will then find all the people in your custom audience, and then look for more people it thinks might be similar based solely on their Facebook activity.

Facebook Ad Manager showing current ads running for Holland Cooper

Step 9: What are Holland Cooper’s measures of success?

Sales. But by using the Facebook pixel and retargeting ads, as well as a custom audience, Holland Cooper are able to turn the social media engagement they are excelling at, into ad campaigns that convert to customers.

Step 10: Measuring delivery on the original objective?

Check out the Maybe* Your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals. Holland Cooper does a great job building a loyal following of engaged and invested followers who want to shop with the brand. Using Maybe* means Holland Cooper is able to monitor engagement and turn the insight into ad campaigns, track sales, and report on it all in one place.

Key takeaway

Holland Cooper mixes its brand heritage, its brand founder and influencers into its content creation strategy to engage followers. It can use this engagement to retarget and drive sales successfully as well as creating deeper and more personal relationships with its customers.

Maybe* is here to help businesses stay connected to customers so you can make more sales.

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