Maybe* has ten easy to replicate steps to make social media an effective growth tool for business. Local cycling retailer Elmy Cycles is fronted by a team of cycling enthusiasts who share their passion for the support and their pride at being an independent business to build relationships with customers. Using Maybe*s essential 10 steps to social media success can help businesses race ahead on social media just like Elmy Cycles.

Step 1: Knowing the business goal

Elmy Cycles goal is to engage local cycling fans and look after them and all their cycling needs.

Step 2: Telling their story

Elmy Cycles are a local Ipswich bike shop. They get social right by localising as much as they can. The posts are loaded up with shop local hashtags, support indie hashtags and place hashtags as well as industry relevant ones designed to catch the attention of cycling enthusiasts. Expert is their tone of voice, and introducing team members and their expertise is a great way of building trust and common ground with an audience. The business also shows the love for its neighbouring businesses and its team members by celebrating them and their cycling achievements regularly on social media. Using Maybe* Engage allows Elmy Cycles to see their social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This gives a business an idea of the different types of content they are creating and enables Elmy Cycles to gauge the frequency and success of the social media messages they are publishing.

Step 3: Getting their audience to take action

Elmy Cycles uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to encourage its customers to engage with them and pledge their support for local businesses. While locked down the business has clearly communicated the importance of supporting local, as well as reassured customers what they can expect from the shop and its service levels. When you look at the conversation Elmy Cycles creates on social media, the shop local hashtag is slap back in the centre of the conversation. In addition shop independent, best mall shops and local place name hashtags all feature. This demonstrates the commitment the business has to place and supporting independent businesses. But at the same time, there is also plenty of chatter about bike brands, click and collect and stock. All proving that Elmy Cycles nails getting a balance across their hero product, as well as the pride they have in place, and the importance of being an indie retailer. It’s clear from the content they want customers support, and they are open for all your cycling needs.

The Maybe* See what's being said report for Elmy Cycles

Step 4: Engaging with customers

The business does a great job supporting and resharing the content of other local businesses. It would benefit from listening to the wider Ipswich conversation by adding it to the Maybe* platform so it can easily find more local content to engage with. Maybe* makes it easy to listen to and engage with multiple hashtags. Users can select any hashtag and simply add it to their Maybe* Engage view. Elmy Cycles can also use the same function to add social handles of competitors they want to keep an eye on, or influencers in the cycling arena. This is a great way to re-share other people’s content, and learn from what is working from other businesses and users to engage cycling fans.

Step 5: Knowing which audience to engage

Elmy Cycles wants to engage the local Ipswich audience and of course cycling fans wherever they are. To do this Elmy Cycles should use a mix of local hashtags as well as cycling hashtags on their content to make it discoverable - especially on Instagram.

Maybe* Engage showing the posts created by Elmy Cycles

Step 6: Knowing where to engage

Elmy Cycles posts on average two times per day across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However over 60% of the businesses engagement occurs on Instagram. Elmy Cycles should continue to invest in instagram but it is refreshing to see that Facebook and Twitter also drive meaningful engagement for the business, meaning it is able to serve and communicate with customers via whatever channel they get in touch, and they are not simplifying spinning content into the void.

The Maybe* See what works report showing the social content created by Elmy Cycles and the engagement with it

Step 7: Knowing what else their customers are distracted by and interested in?

Elmy Cycles is well aware that its customers are invested in shopping local and supporting independent businesses. In the run up to Christmas tracking any hashtags likely to be influencing customers in the run up to Christmas, such as click local and local Christmas will enable Elmy Cycles to keep an eye on what customers are responding to, outside of their own content. To understand the types of content that engage businesses like yours, the Maybe* Insight builder is your new best friend.. Not only will you see all the key social media metrics, but you’ll also see the best posts by the businesses you have added to the Maybe* platform, either to engage with or monitor.

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Getting advertising right will help you reach, engage and convert new customers. Elmy Cycles are not currently running any ads. You can look at any businesses Facebook advertising by going to their profile page and selecting “Page Transparency” you can then see all of the ads that are running currently. Elmy Cycles can check to see which of their competitors are running ads. The Maybe* Ads Manager makes getting started and managing your Facebook and instagram ads, and optimising what’s working, really easy.

Step 9: Measuring success

Improving your social media is all about testing things, doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not. The Maybe* Insight summary allows you to benchmark yourself against other businesses so you know exactly where you need to up your game. Elmy Cycles should use the Maybe* Insight summary to see how they fare against the likes of other local independent bike businesses, and the big guns in the business.

Step 10: Measuring yourself against the original objective

Do you know how you are measuring success? Maybe* helps you do that. Check out the Maybe* Your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals. Elmy Cycles do a great job nailing their business objective of engaging cycling fans, and demonstrating their pride at being a local and independent business. It would be great to see Elmy Cycles continuing to engage in the Ipswich conversation and support the other local retailers in the run up to Christmas, so they stay at the front of the social media peloton.

Key takeaway

Maybe* is here to help businesses stay connected to customers so you can make more sales. Learning from what other local businesses are doing can help you improve and make social media work for you.

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