Maybe* has ten easy to replicate steps to make social media an effective growth tool for business. Ripon retailer The Castle is a social media ripper. They delight their social media following with beautiful homeware, and as its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, there’s also some added sparkle. Using Maybe*s essential 10 steps to social media success can help businesses inspire customers to shop. Here we show you how The Castle are King and Queen of the Social Media Castle.

Step 1: Knowing the business goal

The Castle sets out to inspire customers to shop for new homeware be it big ticket furniture items or little trinkets and soft furnishings.

Step 2: Telling their story

The Castle is a local homeware brand in North Yorkshire’s Ripon. They are proud of their Yorkshire roots, local town and of being a local business. In addition they are also passionate and very much in the know when it comes to home decor and trends. This all shines through in their content. Using Maybe* Engage allows The Castle to see their social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This gives a business an idea of the different types of content they are creating and enables The Castle to gauge the frequency and success of the social media messages they are publishing.

Step 3: Getting their audience to take action

The Castle uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to encourage its customers to engage with them. While locked down the business has stayed connected and kept customers up to date with their reopening plans including what to expect from the shop festive facelift. The business does not sell online so staying connected and continuing to give customers a reason to visit on re-opening has been paramount for The Castle. When you look at the conversation The Castle creates on social media, it's clear to see that the business has been busy creating content to inspire shoppers for Christmas. They have added a festive twist to their usual interiors hashtags. But in addition the business has also added #supportlocal and #shoplocal tags to its content.

The Maybe* See what's being said report for The Castle

Step 4: Engaging with customers

The business does a great job creating content. But to increase its reach, it could also benefit from supporting and resharing the content of other local businesses. To do this The Castle could be listening to the wider Ripon or North Yorkshire conversations by adding them to the Maybe* platform so it can easily find more local content to engage with. Doing this will help The Castle become more visible to customers of other businesses in the area, as well as help them further show their passion for place. Maybe* makes it easy to listen to and engage with multiple hashtags. Users can select any hashtag and simply add it to their Maybe* Engage view. The Castle can also use the same function to add social handles of competitors they want to keep an eye on, be they big or small. This is a great way to re-share other people’s content, and learn from what is working from other businesses and users to engage home decor and interiors enthusiasts.

How to add a conversation to Maybe*

Step 5: Knowing which audience to engage

The Castle wants to engage the local Ripon audience and of course home decor wherever they are. To do this The Castle should use a mix of local hashtags as well as the interiors hashtags on their content to make it discoverable - especially on Instagram.

Maybe* Engage showing the posts created by The Castle

Step 6: Knowing where to engage

The Castle posts on average two times per day across Facebook and Instagram. However, over 60% of the businesses engagement occurs on Instagram. The Castle should continue to invest in Instagram and Facebook. The business has a social media account for Twitter but is not that active on it. If a channel does not drive engagement for you, it's fine to prioritise your efforts on the channels that work best for you. It saves time and energy to up what’s working and do more of it, than trying to make something which isn’t effective work.

The Maybe* See what works report showing the social content created by The Castle and the engagement with it

Step 7: Knowing what else their customers are distracted by and interested in?

The Castle is well aware that its customers were locked down, and getting ready for retail reopening and for Christmas. So as the shop was unable to open and does not sell online, it focused its efforts engaging customers with Christmas content, and what to expect when it did re-open. In the process it gave plenty of inspiration for its customers to stop off and visit the shop and its elves as soon as the store re-opened on December 2nd. To understand the types of content that engage businesses like yours, the Maybe* Insight builder is your new best friend. Not only will you see all the key social media metrics, but you’ll also see the best posts by the businesses you have added to the Maybe* platform, either to engage with or monitor.

How to use Maybe* Insight builder

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Getting advertising right will help you reach, engage and convert new customers. The Castle is not currently running any ads. You can look at any businesses Facebook advertising by going to their profile page and selecting “Page Transparency” you can then see all of the ads that are running currently. The Castle can check to see which of their competitors are running ads. The Maybe* Ads Manager makes getting started and managing your Facebook and Instagram ads, and optimising what’s working, really easy.

See how the Maybe* Ad Manager makes connecting and managing your ads simple

Step 9: Measuring success

Improving your social media is all about testing things, doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not. The Maybe* Insight summary allows you to benchmark yourself against other businesses so you know exactly where you need to up your game. The Castle should use the Maybe* Insight summary to see how they fare against the likes of other local businesses, and the big guns in the home decor business.

Explore the Maybe* Insight summary

Step 10: Measuring yourself against the original objective

Do you know how you are measuring success? Maybe* helps you do that. Check out the Maybe* Your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals. The Castle do a great job nailing their business objective of inspiring home interiors fans, and demonstrating their pride at being a local and independent business. It would be great to see The Castle engaging more in the Ripon conversation and supporting the other local retailers in the run up to Christmas, so all businesses can learn from their festive approach.

How using Your report within Maybe* helps you track your social media and business goals

Key takeaway

Maybe* is here to help businesses stay connected to customers so you can make more sales. Learning from what other local businesses are doing can help you improve and make social media work for you.

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