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Why has Visa, MasterCard or AMEX not been approved for my Local Rewards location?
Why has Visa, MasterCard or AMEX not been approved for my Local Rewards location?
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When you add your business address to Local Rewards, Maybe* syncs your location with the payment providers and utilises a merchant ID (MID).

If you see a greyed out card on your location these are the steps you can take to help resolve it.

  1. Does your business accept payments from the card that is greyed out?

  2. If your business does accept the card that is greyed out it maybe unable to locate your merchant ID or MID to help locate it you can follow these steps. Use our virtual card to run a transaction. You can run a transaction using the following card information the amount does not matter as the payment will fail. Use Card No - 4804650358194290 Card Expiry - 02/24 and CV2 - 023. Once you have run the transaction and the payment has failed our virtual card will send us a email containing your MID. We will then update your account.

  3. If the virtual card fails to find your location and If your payment facilitators are Square, iZettle, SumUp, Shopify POS etc., they may be using shared MID’s that have an impact on how transactions are monitored. A MID can be assigned by your bank to identify each of your payment locations, and the payments that are made at each of those locations. If you use a payment facilitator, you remove the need to create and maintain your merchant IDs with your bank, but it can mean that your transactions end up on a shared MID with many other merchants. If Maybe* is unable to differentiate between locations (through the use of other data), we are unable to use the shared MID with your program. As we work with the card providers we are sometimes able to identify transactions for one of the card providers but not both.

We are working with the card schemes to resolve all of the shared MID issues, and will be able to process all transactions on these Merchant IDs soon.

If you believe you are not on a shared MID or do not use one of the listed payment facilitators mentioned above contact us so we can investigate the issue further.

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