Achill Spa is a relaxation haven in Knowle. Maybe* has been working with the business for a couple of months now and helping them take them from a toe dip into social media, to a full social makeover. Achill Spa shows that you can start anywhere with social media and learn as you go.

As a spa they’ve been through all the trials and tribulations of lockdowns 1-3, tiers 1-4, closing, re-opening, step and repeat. It is a process which has been anything but relaxing. But nonetheless the business is staying connected, experimenting with new things, and doing their best to bring their brand of destress and unwind to life via social media.

In our usual 10 steps, we show you how they are doing it.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Achill Spa needs to build awareness and take bookings for stays at the spa or for individual treatments.

Step 2: Telling the Achill Spa story

Achill Spa’s motto is stay calm and make a self care plan. And we could all do with a bit of that as we come into 2021. The spa describes itself as a sanctuary, a haven offering relaxation and rejuvenation, and as a retreat. But sadly with the Covid-19 pandemic, the spa has not been able to welcome guests through its doors, and is instead turning to online to inspire and guide customers through their self care journey.

Step 3: What do Achill Spa want its audience to do

Achill Spa wants Knowles locals to book in for a massage, a mani, a pedi, or just a cup of tea.

Step 4: How does Achill Spa engage with customers?

Achill Spa has seen its follower count grow by following and engaging with other local businesses and tagging them into its content. In order to do this it listens to the hashtag conversation about Knowle - #Knowle and follows other businesses in the Knowle area.

The Maybe* Engage view showing the conversations by Knowle businesses that Achill Spa can engage with

Step 5: Who does Achill Spa want to engage?

Achill Spa wants to engage more locals in the Knowle area, and wider Solihull and West Midlands area. The spa heavily focuses on mothers and daughters looking to spend time together, women looking to splurge on a pamper for themselves, and busy mums looking for just five minutes peace.

Step 6: Where do Achill Spa need to engage and how did they do it successfully?

Achill Spa is active across Facebook and Instagram. The business is relatively new to Instagram but is reaping the benefit of engagement on the platform by introducing locally relevant hashtags, as well as beauty and spa specific tags to make its content discoverable.knows its customers are predominantly active on Facebook though so it invests the majority of its efforts there.

The spa saw big numbers of engagement over Black Friday by sharing their special offers for discounts on vouchers for treatments, experiences and stays at the spa.

Focus your efforts on where your customers are, and where they engage with you the most.

The Maybe* See What Works report for Achill Spa showing the content and engagement with it November 28 - December 12.

Step 7: Who or what else are your customers distracted by and interested in?

The pandemic and lockdown measures meant the spa was on a constant loop of opening and closing. But the spa took its opportunity to generate bookings and communicate availability whenever it was able to open. They even have a booking button on their Facebook page.

But over December, the spa knew mums would be extra harassed and in need of some downtime while out Christmas shopping. And this enabled the spa to tailor its content with some creative copy.

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Facebook advertising is great for supporting local businesses as you can get nice and local with your targeting.

Once you’ve got a Facebook page, you can have a free Facebook ads account which allows you to advertise on both Facebook and Instagram. And Maybe* is on hand to help you advertise easily and cost-efficiently.

If you’re using advertising on Facebook and Instagram, your audience insights will really help inform who you should target.

You can create three different types of audience within the Facebook Ads manager. Let’s break them down.

Saved - this is easy. This is basically a cold audience, one that has perhaps never come across you before. This audience type allows you to add behavioural and interest targeting; gender and demographic information. So if you want to advertise to women between 25-45 in Knowle then you can do that.

Custom- A custom audience allows you to take your Facebook page and Instagram page and build an audience based on who and how it's been engaged with over a period of time. Achill Spa could use this when they are reopening as a way of getting messaging in front of anyone who’s engaged with their page and let them know they are re-open and taking bookings.

Lookalike - this is the clever stuff. Made easy. So let’s say you have created a custom audience from your engagement data. A lookalike is where you take a custom audience (and you can only do it on custom audiences) and say find me the top 1% of people in Knowle who match my existing custom audience. Facebook will then find all the people in your custom audience, and then look for more people it thinks might be similar based solely on their Facebook activity. For a business like the Achill Spa and Guest House this is an extra boost as it helps them deliver on their business goal to build awareness.

Step 9: What are Achill Spa’s measures of success?

Achill Spa set out to get active on Instagram and engage with more businesses to build its own following.

The Maybe* Report Builder for Achill Spa

Step 10: Measuring delivery on the original objective?

By engaging in the local Knowle conversation and with more businesses in the area, the Spa is growing its audience size and its engagement so that it can rebook them into the spa when lockdown is over.

The approach is paying off as it's earning them engagement from other Knowle businesses who are reciprocating the local love which the Spa can see from its influencer report.

The Maybe* Who’s got Influence report showing the social media users most frequently commenting on Achill Spa’s content

Check out the Maybe* Your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals as well as find who’s got the most influence in the conversation about you.

Key takeaway

Achill Spa knew it needed to do social, it just needed some help getting to grips with some new platforms it hadn’t tried before By staying connected to customers and other businesses on social media, the spa is well and truly on Knowles relaxation radar, benefiting from increased reach, increased visibility and new relationships with other businesses in the area.

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