Innocent have been social media leaders for near on 10 years, so if there’s experts to learn from, its these guys. Innocent is a cheerful, lighthearted brand who dabble in current affairs on social media but largely aim to entertain their audience and create a community feel to encourage customers to buy their products.

The business keeps its content colourful, fun and engaging, but also has a strong, ethical message that shines through all of this.

Their social media is a mix of humour, fun and subtle product promotion, with a perfect balance of content they have created and content shared from other feeds.

Read on to find out how you can be take inspiration from them and learn how to apply the same tactics, using the Maybe* 10 steps framework.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Of course Innocent wants people to buy their products, so they post eye-catching, colourful images to tempt customers’ taste buds. But they also want customers to back their charity and ethical agenda.

Step 2: Telling the Innocent story

Innocent’s story shines through all of their content. They are all about keeping things simple, light-hearted and fun, but with their finger on the pulse of current affairs, and getting the perfect mix of product promotion and laugh out loud humour. They regularly raise money for good causes through their content, as well as spread awareness of environmental and sustainability issues, and promote health and wellbeing. They do all of this in their typical fun and engaging way. You can replicate this approach. If you have a charity that you support or social causes close to your heart, ensure that that comes through in your content.

Step 3: What do Innocent want its audience to do

Innocent want people to feel good about it’s content, engage with it and share it. It posts a wonderful mix of one-liners, colourful product pictures and content from other feeds, all within their on-brand tone of voice. A love of animals shows across it’s feeds, and the business shares cute pictures of team pets as well as animal content from other feeds. The company’s approach consistently motivates customers to engage and share it’s content. You can mimic this approach yourself by making things personal and introducing your team members. Help customers get to know the people behind your brand so they feel like they’re sharing and supporting real people and not just a faceless brand.

The Maybe* see what works report for Innocent showing the content and engagement with it

Step 4: How does Innocent engage with customers?

Innocent knows how to put its efforts in the right places. It is very active on Twitter, generating bags of engagement and conversation through humour, product images and one-liners. One-to-one conversations might mean less reach, but they create deeper relationships and demonstrate that they take customer relationships seriously.

It recognises that Instagram is the perfect place to showcase its colourful products, but also successfully injects humour into the feed to, something that can be tricky to do on Insta. Add that to some adorable animals, and you’re onto a social media winner.

They also get the mix on Facebook spot on too, sharing a balance of eye-catching pictures and humorous text to get people engaging.

This simply one-line tweet received over 2.5k engagements. How can you do the same? What’s the secret formula? Post great content, making some of this current and topical, and then engage, engage, engage using Maybe* Engage with all your comments.

The Maybe* engage view showing Innocents posts and comments they can re-engage with

Step 5: Who does Innocent want to engage?

Innocent’s customers are likely to span many demographics, so they aim to reach a wide audience. The Maybe* influencer report shows the business who’s creating the most content about them so they can engage with those customers. You can replicate this by building relationships with the influencers in your conversation via Maybe*. Start by simply liking or sharing their comments, or be bold and dive straight into a conversation.

The Maybe* who’s got influence report showing the conversation influencers creating the most content about Innocent in January

Step 6: Where do Innocent need to engage and how did they do it successfully?

Innocent is active across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Content is replicated across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram though typically you’ll see the brand having more one on one conversations on Twitter. You too can use the same content across all social media platforms, but a tool like Canva can help you get all your images in the right size. Twitter lends itself to being able to create more content without annoying your followers and enables you to have a bit of banter.

Step 7: Who or what else are your customers distracted by and interested in?

Innocent knows that their audience is a very conscious and socially aware customer. By incorporating topical but punchy conversations into their content, and campaigning for the charities that are important to them, Innocent engages that demographic well without being patronising. Find out who and what your customers care about by listening to relevant conversations. To replicate this approach you could add your charities social accounts to Maybe* to listen and engage with them, or relevant social causes hashtags conversations like #shoplocal. We have many free and topical conversations in the Maybe* platform waiting for you.

Step 8: Mastering advertising

Maybe* is on hand to help you advertise easily and cost efficiently. How can you do this? Well you can connect your own advertising account really easily using Maybe*. You can spend as little as £1 a day, so don’t think advertising is only for big brands with big budgets.

If you’re using advertising on Facebook and Instagram, your audience insights will really help inform who you should target. You can create three different types of audience within the Facebook Ads manager. Let’s break them down.

Saved - this is easy. This is basically a cold audience, one that has perhaps never come across you before. This audience type allows you to add behavioural and interest targeting; gender and demographic information. So if you want to advertise to women between 25-45 who are interested in healthy eating then you can do that.

Custom- A custom audience allows you to take your Facebook page and Instagram page and build an audience based on who and how it's been engaged with. Innocent could use this to retarget any customers who have engaged with them online, with ads to sell products.

Lookalike - this is the clever stuff. Made easy. So let’s say you have created a custom audience from your engagement data. A lookalike is where you take a custom audience (and you can only do it on custom audiences) and say find me the top 1% of people who match my existing custom audience. Facebook will then find all the people in your custom audience, and then look for more people it thinks might be similar based solely on their Facebook activity.

Step 9: What are Innocent’s measures of success?

Innocent can use the Maybe* Insight summary to see how they are stacking up against competitor businesses. It needn’t be painful, use this to find out how to improve. You can copy this approach yourself to compare your social media performance against competitors, like-minded brands and even other businesses in your location. This is what you need to understand how your content is performing, and to benchmark whether this is good, bad or ugly against others like you.

The Maybe* insight summary for Innocent

Step 10: Measuring delivery on the original objective?

Innocent seek to entertain their audience and build a sense of community through their social media activity, and they succeed at doing this hands down. Innocent can use the your report tool within Maybe* to keep track of their social media performance, as well as ad any other third party business data they want to integrate. The report builder allows them to see engagement, sentiment, conversation topics, conversation influencers, and their best posts by social media platform so they can understand what's working and what's not. You can replicate this by checking out the Maybe* your report feature which enables you to track your social media performance metrics and your business goals as well as find who’s got the most influence in the conversation about you.

The Maybe* your report tool showing the social media engagement, influencers, conversation topics by customers and best Instagram post for Innocent through January 2021

Key takeaway

Innocent are social media engagement masters. They create about three posts a day, one on each platform, successfully tailoring this content for each. But it’s engagement where they really excel. They work those posts hard. By knowing what content works the best on each platform, the brand is able to be efficient with its content marketing efforts, and spend time talking to its customers online. You can do this too by tracking your engagement, and focusing your energy on what’s working, and repeating it.

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