Have you noticed any new messages popping up in your Facebook Business Manager lately about verifying your domain or business and didn’t know what to do? It’s been a challenging few weeks for business owners and Facebook marketers as many new changes have been rolled out to drive improved verification and security processes prompted in part by the Apple IOS14 software update rolling out to Apple iPhone users worldwide through 2021.

To help businesses with the necessary changes, they have introduced a new Resource Centre which you will find as the primary tab in Ads Manager.

We recommend you start by setting up your Business Manager account if you do not already have one at business.facebook.com. If you are working in Business Suite, you can move to Business Manager by going into More tools on the left menu and then Business Settings to find the option to switch.

Once inside Business Manager, here we’ve broken down the actions you need to take:

Step 1 Verify your business

Go into Business Settings within your Business Manager and select Security Centre. Here you can check that everyone with Admin access to your Facebook business assets has two factor authentication switched on. If anyone hasn’t - ask them to do so, and while you’re there it’s good to check if there any admins with access you’d prefer to remove.

Facebook prefers more than one Admin on an account so you always have someone with backup access should there be problems with your personal details. So if there’s only you, consider who else you can trust within the business that you could invite in.

Once your two factor authentication is set up you will see a blue button In the Security centre to verify your business. Click on this and follow the steps. Sometimes the button to verify your business remains greyed out despite your two factor authentication being set up. If this is the case - there’s a detailed work around to help in our help centre from within our platform which you can access for free here. (link to an intercom article about setting up an App ID).

Step 2 Verify your domain

Still in Business Settings, visit Brand Safety and select Domains. Here you will see if you need to verify your domain as a legitimate business domain. This requires updating your DNS settings with your domain provider. Follow the instructions provided by Facebook and often your domain provider will be happy to help if you get stuck. It can take up to 72 hours for an approval to go through.

Step 3 Prioritise your 8 Conversion Events

Finally, once your business and domain have been verified, you will be asked via the Resource Centre to review the 8 conversion events which will have been pre selected for you based on your most recently used and most active event types. If you are an ecommerce business these are likely to be Purchase and Add to Cart amongst others. If you are using Facebook for lead generation activity you will probably have View Content, Landing Page View and Lead..but it will all depend on the Events you have set up to date. You will be able to drag and drop to show the importance to your business of each event. Again, it could be up to 48 hours before these will get reviewed and approved. These events are not set in stone and you will be able to amend the priorities should you need to but always allow enough time for an approval to go through.

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