When you log into the Maybe* dashboard, we automatically choose an organisation for you to compare your results against based on your sector. This article will show you how to add more organisations conversations (this is what we call their social media content) so you can view them on your dashboard too.

Type the name of the organisation into the search bar:

You could write the full name or one of their social media handles. Our system will start scouring the web to find them.

Once you find the right organisation click the + button, select the group you want to organise them into and click 'add':

If any of the handles are incorrect, you can edit them from this page.

Once the conversation has been added, head over to your Settings page and into your Conversation manager:

Find the conversation, press the three dots at the far right of the screen and then slide the toggle to Insights on:

Now you will be able to find the organisation listed on your dashboard under the change insight summary dropdown menu.

If you have any questions or need an extra hand, pop us a message using the blue icon at the bottom right hand of your screen.

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