Your Maybe* dashboard is the place to find the most important social media information you need to know about right now. To get the best from Maybe* and the dashboard, it’s best used on a desktop.

In this article we’ll explain the first half of the dashboard -’What do you want to do today?’ and how you can use this information to improve your social media activity to engage more with your customers.

Ready to give it a go?

  • Head over to Maybe* and choose ‘Dashboard’

  • The ‘What do you want to do today’ section is split into Engagement, Ads, Comments and Mentions.

  • Each section gives you a summary of stats for the last seven days

  • Click into a section to get more detailed information and act on it.

Tell me more…

Here’s a little bit about what to expect on your dashboard:

Engagement: This is the number of likes, comments and shares on other people’s conversations that you have made through Maybe*. This gives you a great idea of how active you and the rest of your team are being in the Maybe* platform, and how much you’re participating in other people’s conversations.

Ads: This shows the total number of live social media ads you are currently running, what they are costing you, and how they are performing so that you can tailor your ad spend.

Comments: This shows the total number of comments on your posts. Comments are a direct reaction to your social media content and can tell you a lot about how well it's working. You can respond to comments directly from Maybe* by clicking through to this section.

Mentions: This shows the total number of posts where you have been @ mentioned. Mentions give you a measure of the public perception of your organisation as a whole. You can respond to these mentions directly from Maybe* by clicking through to this section.

Explore your Maybe* Dashboard today to find out how you can use the information it contains to improve your social media performance and engage directly with customers.

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