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Exploring your dashboard Insight builder and comparison report
Exploring your dashboard Insight builder and comparison report

Understand what the reports on your homepage are showing you.

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The bottom half of your Maybe* dashboard is where you’ll find your weekly report and insight report for the last seven days (remember Maybe* is best viewed on a desktop). Your weekly report and insights consists of your own social media performance data and that of a business you can compare yourself to, visually represented in graphs and charts.

The left hand side gives you a snapshot of your business’ social media performance stats such as your best posts and your account growth, and the right hand side shows you the same stats for another business or a hashtag of your choice. This information gives you an at-a-glance understanding of how you are measuring up and where you can focus your efforts.

Comparing your social media activity against others’ is a great way for you to learn what works and how to improve. You can compare yourself to any business by adding it in the insights dropdown on the right hand side and change this at any time.

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The best post report on the left shows you your social media post that’s had the most engagement. Make sure you’re responding to all comments on this post to keep the conversation going. The best post report on the right shows you the best post for the business you are comparing yourself against. Use this to see whether they get more or less engagement than you, and what type of content is working best for them. Think about what tactics you could borrow from them to improve your own content.

The last seven days of posts shows you how much you have posted across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the volume of posts for the business you are comparing yourself to.

The weekly social media stats on the left shows your follower count and engagement stats at-a-glance. It shows you how much you’ve been posting, and how engaging that content is. Now check out the table on the right for the business you are comparing yourself against. Use this to understand where you are outperforming them, and where they do better, so you can focus on where you need to improve.

The first graph you’ll see is the See what works graph which measures engagement. The graph on the left shows you the amount of posts you’ve made across social media, and the amount of likes, comments, shares, retweets or replies they have had. The graph on the right will show the same metrics for the business you are comparing yourself against.

Your most used hashtags shows you the hashtags you are using the most on your content, and those by your comparison business. Top top: sneak a peek at the tags your comparison business is using, are there any you could be using?

Next up is the See how people feel about you graph which measures sentiment, or how positive or negative the tone of a conversation is. This graph shows you how people feel about your social media content and your business from the comments and mentions on your posts. You can toggle between comments and mentions:

  • Comments will show you how positive or negative any comments on your social media posts are.

  • Mentions will show you whether your business is talked about positively or negatively wherever you are mentioned or tagged on social media.

Make sure you are responding to all comments and mentions whether they are positive or negative. Top tip: start with the negative first!

Who’s got influence about you shows you who is commenting most often on your social media content and who is mentioning you the most. Toggle between comments and mentions to see both sets of influencers. Make sure you are interacting and responding with all the content your influencers are posting. These folks are the most vocal and are the people making the most effort to engage with you. Whether their comments and mentions are good or bad, make sure you return their effort.

The What’s being said about you report shows you the words and topics most often used in the conversation about your business on social media. Again you can toggle between comments and mentions.

Your ad spend graph shows you how much you’ve spent on ads, and when, over the last seven days.

Your reach report shows you how many people will have been shown your social media posts over the last seven days.

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