Connecting Social Accounts

Link all your social media accounts to easily schedule posts across various platforms.

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Connecting Social Accounts

Link all your social media accounts to easily schedule posts across various platforms. Our guides will walk you through the process of connecting each of your social media accounts, enabling you to begin posting immediately!

​Connecting Facebook Pages (social posting)​

Social Planner empowers you to simultaneously link all your pages from various Facebook profiles. To integrate your Facebook pages with the platform, check out this helpful guide. Please be aware that you can only include pages to which you have Admin privileges, and you must be logged in with the profile that manages all the pages you wish to add.

Connecting Instagram (social planner)​

The Social Planner enables you to link your Instagram business account to your CRM. However, to fully utilise this feature, it’s crucial that you transition your Instagram personal profile into a business profile.

​Connecting Google my Business (social posting)​

Google My Business is a valuable tool for marketers. This platform allows you to effortlessly manage your business’ online image. By putting out your information, web visitors feel a personal connection, fostering emotional investment in your brand. Google My Business not only extends your reach but also enhances your business’s reputation within the online community.

Connecting LinkedIn Profile & Page (social posting)

This section will guide you on how to accomplish this with ease. If you haven't linked any social media accounts yet, just find the LinkedIn icon in the wizard that has a handy 'connect' button. It provides a quick and straightforward method for getting everything configured.

Connecting X (Twitter) Account (social posting)​

Social Planner equips you with all the essential tools for engaging and communicating with your audience on X. Leverage Social Planner to tweet, like, and retweet within your community for optimal interaction!

​Connecting Tiktok (social posting)

Social Planner offers a smooth process to link your personal TikTok account, ensuring you stay updated and enjoy an optimal user experience. We’re also soon launching a user-friendly Roadmap for connecting your TikTok business accounts, so stay tuned for that!

Connect Social Media Accounts


To connect your social platforms to Maybe*, begin by navigating to the settings and selecting "Integrations." Within this section, you'll find icons for Facebook and Instagram. Click on these icons and select "Connect." Next, log in to your personal Facebook page, this is because your personal page is the owner of the associated business page. After logging in, select the specific Facebook business page you wish to connect.

Once connected, Maybe* will automatically recognise if there's an Instagram account linked to this Facebook page.

Connect to the Social Planner

Return to the left-hand navigation and select "Marketing" to add your first social account, click on the social media icon you’d like to add. Channels that you can manage in the social planner include Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google My Business.

You can connect and disconnect accounts as needed, but start with at least one account connected to view the social planner and get started posting.

Connect social media accounts

Connect social media accounts

Selecting Accounts

If you're ready to connect your existing Facebook page or group, get started by clicking the Facebook icon. You'll see a popup which will open up for you to select the Facebook pages you would like to connect. Check off the pages and groups that you'd like to be used for social media postings. It's as simple as ticking some boxes!

Select the social media page or group

Select the social media page or group

Allow Account Access

After selecting your pages/groups, make sure to click the 'Allow' button. This will establish a secure connection between your CRM and the page/group.

Allow account access

Allow account access

Get Started!

Once 'Allowing Access' is completed, you can see all of the pages/groups on your screen along with a helpful checkmark next to the 'Manage Social Accounts' step. This confirms that your account has been connected and is ready to go!

Ready to make your mark by scheduling out those social media posts? All you need to do is click on the 'Get Started' button located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click on the Get started button

Click on the Get started button

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