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Content AI is a writing assistant driven by artificial intelligence, which aids in generating content more efficiently.

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Content AI is a writing assistant driven by artificial intelligence, which aids in generating content more efficiently, effortlessly, and with superior quality. It can assist in creating content that aligns with specific tones and keywords, while also producing multiple variations.

To create a new Social Media post using Content AI, click on the blue New Post button and select Content AI. You will see a pop-up appear where you can input your AI generation prompts.

  1. Post Title Enter the name of the topic or category of content, such as "Content Marketing."

  2. Provide a Brief Description. Type in a brief post description here. For example, "short-form videos are changing the marketing trend in social media marketing strategies."

  3. Add Keywords Enter your keywords (type in the words and hit enter) such as "short-form videos, marketing, strategy, content generation."

  4. Writing Tone Choose the writing tone from options such as Funny, Excited, Casual, etc.

  5. Number of Variations Choose the Number of variations you'd like created from, 1 to 5.

Generate Content AI

Generate Content AI

Generate Content

Once you have finished typing your content instructions, click on the Generate button. This will direct you to the Content AI page to choose from the content variations generated from the title, description, keywords, and writing tone you provided.

To edit any info you provided, click the Generate new content button to return you to the content generation page.

Copy Content

Click on the Copy button to choose the content variation you would like to use. Once you click Copy, you will see the selection appear in the Text box on the right corner of the page for preview and editing.

Create Content AI Post

Once you have chosen the variation you would like to use, click the Continue button to direct you to the New Social Post Page. Here you can choose the social media channel on which you want to post the content, edit your post, and either post immediately, save as a draft, or schedule for later.

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