Agent Reporting - Overview

The “Agent Reporting” sub-tab will let you know the stats on your team and users within your system.

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Here you can track the activities performed by each CRM user.

In this section, you have the ability to monitor the actions carried out by every individual CRM user. This comprehensive view allows you to observe various aspects such as opportunities, conversions, SMS and Email marketing campaigns, performance leaderboards, call metrics, and overall efficiency. By tracking these components, you can gain valuable insights into the productivity and effectiveness of each CRM user within your organisation.


By utilising the dropdown menu provided, you can effortlessly choose a specific user from the compiled list, enabling you to closely monitor their individual performance metrics.

Fetching User Report

To obtain the performance report for your chosen CRM user, simply click on the blue "Fetch" button. This action will generate the desired report, providing you with valuable insights into the activities and progress of the selected team member within the CRM system.

Calendar Duration

The integrated calendar feature enables you to examine the statistics within a specific time frame. To do this, simply click on the calendar icon and choose your desired date range. Once you have made your selection, click the green checkmark button to confirm your choice. Your data will then be updated accordingly, reflecting the performance metrics for the selected period.

Comparing report

If you need little in-depth insights such as the performance during the current month and performance during last month to be able to draw some conclusions, you can use this feature and select two different time ranges and compare the stats.

Refreshing Data

Select this tab to generate the most recent report, complete with up-to-date statistics. By accessing the latest information, you can ensure that your analysis and decisions are based on the freshest data available.

Reporting Dashboard

The Reporting Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of various performance metrics for each CRM user.

  1. Opportunities - Gives you a fair idea of the number of opportunities the selected agent had access to, number of them converted to paid customers, number of leads the agent disqualified and number of leads lost. You can also see the stats percentages to get the better picture about the performance of the individual user.​

  2. Conversions - Here you get the idea about the number of leads the selected CRM user has in each pipeline and each stage of the pipeline.​

  3. SMS - Check the stats related to SMS campaigns run by selected CRM user.​

  4. Email - Check the stats related to Email campaigns run by an individual CRM user.​

  5. Leaderboard - Check how each agent in your team is performing.​

  6. Call Metrics - View in-depth information for the calling activities including manual calls, automation calls or calls made, and number of incoming calls.​

  7. Efficiency - Gives you the report about the overall performance of each user.​

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