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Importing Stripe Products
Importing Stripe Products

Some things are crucial to be aware of when importing products into Stripe.

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Import Stripe Products

It's crucial to be aware that when importing products into Stripe, only those designated as Recurring / Subscription plans are eligible for import. Unfortunately, one-time prices cannot be imported through this process and must instead be created directly within the system. This distinction is essential for maintaining an organised and accurate workflow while managing your products and pricing structures.

Note: To import a plan/price from Stripe, it must be in Live mode (not Test mode).

  • "Metered" prices can not be imported when importing a recurring plan/price.

  • Stripe plans/prices already imported into your CRM will not show as options when using the "Import From Stripe" function, as they have already been imported.

Click on the "Import Stripe" button to get started.

Import from Stripe

Import from Stripe

Select Stripe Price

Select the Stripe product you are looking to import using this drop-down list to view its price.

Select Stripe price

Select Stripe price

Setup Fees

If you want to add any setup fees to the imported product, you can add them here. These setup fees will be added to the product when it is sold to your customers.

Setup fees

Setup fees

Import Product and Price

When you're ready to import the selected product and price, simply click this button!

Import product and price

Import product and price

3 types of pricing plans in your Stripe account.

There are three types of pricing plans that you can create in your Stripe account: Pricing created from the agency level using the SaaS Configurator; Prices created by creating a product in your CRM; and Prices created directly in Stripe. Keep these in mind when creating pricing plans for your business.

1. Price which was created from the Admin level:

  • Prices created at the Admin level will have an "Agency Plan" tag with the product and price name in the product listing and product details page.

  • Prices created at the Admin level cannot be edited in your CRM Payments

  • If you update a price directly in Stripe, the change will not be reflected in the CRM Product/price.

  • If you need to change the price of a product created at the Admin level, edit the price in Stripe and then use the "Import From Stripe" button to import the new price, which will create a new CRM Product with an "Agency Plan" tag, which you can then go select in your Funnel or Website page settings.

Price created via the SaaS configurator

Price created via the SaaS configurator

2. Prices that were created by creating a product in your CRM:

  • When a product is created in your CRM, a corresponding plan/price will be created in Stripe

  • Any edits to your CRM product pricing will automatically sync to Stripe

  • Any edits to Stripe pricing will not auto-sync to CRM. Changed pricing in Stripe would need to import into CRM as a new product.

3. Prices that were created by you directly in Stripe:

  • If you've created plans/prices in Stripe, you can use the "Import From Stripe" button to import them into your CRM as your system Products.

  • If you need to edit an imported product's price, make the edit in your CRM and the change will sync to Stripe.

  • If you edit an imported plan/price in Stripe, the change will not be reflected in the system's product - you would need to import the changed plan/price as a new system Product.

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