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Uploading your list to build a Facebook audience
Uploading your list to build a Facebook audience

Learn how to build a targeted audience of people across Facebook and Instagram.

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Having a targeted audience is key for reaching the right people across Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook allows you to build highly targeted audiences based on your existing Facebook, Instagram pages, your own websites traffic via the Facebook pixel and one of the most targeted methods that you can use to build a targeted Facebook audience is your own customers email addresses. Facebook allows you to very simply upload your existing email list to Facebook where they undertake a matching exercise to create you a audience that you can then display your ads to, do not worry its all fully GDPR compliant and here is how you do it 

  1. Get your data in order - create a CSV or TXT file containing your customers details included as much information as possible as this will increase the matching success

  2. Name

  3. Email

  4. DOB

  5. Postcode

  6. Phone number

  7. Address

  8. LTV if you know this include the Life Time Value of your individual customer

  9. Head to Facebooks ads manager and open the Audience page, then select Create Audience, Custom Audience, Customer File 

  10. Facebook will ask you the source of your data e.g. direct customers

  11. Facebook will ask you if the file contains LTV (life time value) don't worry if you do not have this figure you can still create an audience. An audience with  LTV means that Facebook will prioritise the customers worth more to your business.

  12. Now simply map the data in your CSV or TXT file with Facebook ensuring you see a green tick, any red crosses will require you to resolve them. 

  13. Once the data is uploaded Facebook will hash the data to ensure it cannot be identifiable.

  14. Now you can use this audience to target a Facebook or Instagram advert and you can create a Lookalike Audience that means Facebook will find people who are not on your target email customer list but closely match based on the traits of the existing list. 

For the Facebook instructions click here

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