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AI-powered digital ads
AI-powered digital ads

Learn how to create AI-powered ads on all digital platforms.

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Elevate your advertising strategy with Maybe* AI AdsDelve into the standout attributes of Maybe* AI Ads, a cutting-edge AI-powered solution designed to revolutionise your advertising efforts.

Maximise your Ad Prompt
Google Search Ad Targeting
Facebook and Instagram Targeting
Creating Ads in Different Languages
Learning phase and optimisation
How much should I spend on Facebook Ads to get results?
My Ad is above or below benchmarks. What can I do?
How to choose the right objective for your Facebook advertisingUnderstand what type of ads to create to drive the behaviour you want customers to take
Create a Facebook or Instagram adHow to create an ad for your business
Understanding Facebook advertising audiencesTarget your ads with laser precision to the exact customers you want
Uploading your list to build a Facebook audienceLearn how to build a targeted audience of people across Facebook and Instagram.
How to increase sales by adding a Facebook pixel to your online storeTrack visitors to your website and then retarget them with Facebook and Instagram ads
Using custom and lookalike audiences with Facebook AdsWant to find out more about building custom and lookalike audiences? Here we walk you through the different sources.
How to create an engagement adWant to create a simple Facebook engagement ad campaign? We'll walk you through the steps.
How to set up a Lead Generation CampaignIf you want to build quality leads for your business, a Facebook lead generation campaign is your go to. We'll guide you through here.
Setting up Meta Advertising Tracking: A Step-by-Step Guide for BusinessesA walk through setting up tracking, so activity from your advertising can be stored to build a picture of the kind of people responding.