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How to create a Traffic ad in Maybe* AI Ads Manager
How to create a Traffic ad in Maybe* AI Ads Manager

Ready to supercharge your social media ads with a bit of AI magic? Here's how to create a traffic ad in the Maybe* AI Ads Manager.

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The emergence of AI tools has revolutionised how we create and manage digital marketing campaigns. One such tool is the AI Ads Manager by Maybe*, which simplifies the process of creating AI-supported advertising campaigns. This article provides a walkthrough of how to use the Maybe* AI Ads Manager to create a Facebook advertising campaign, highlighting its features and functionalities.

Getting Started with AI Ads Manager

Upon accessing the AI Ads Manager dashboard, users are greeted with a variety of advertising mediums. However, this guide focuses specifically on creating a Facebook advertising campaign.

Navigating the Dashboard

The dashboard features a menu with four key sections:

  • Home: This section displays the results of your advertising efforts as they progress.

  • Creative Hub: A space to mock up ads before launching the campaigns.

  • Connect Platforms: Ensures that your advertising platforms are correctly linked.

  • Objective Selection: Here, you can choose your campaign objective, such as conversions or traffic. It's crucial to ensure the appropriate pixel is attached, especially for conversion advertising.

Setting Up Your Campaign

1. Choosing the Campaign Objective

For this demonstration, we'll focus on a traffic campaign, which is optimised for clicks to a specific website page.

2. Entering the Landing Page URL

You'll input the URL of the page you're directing traffic to. The AI utilises the content of this page to help create the ad.

3. Tailoring the Targeting

The platform offers pre-set targeting options, but customization is key. You can choose to target brand new audiences or retarget using custom audiences, like Facebook and Instagram engagers.

4. Selecting Interests and Demographics

You can choose target interests or look-alike audiences. The tool allows for the selection of various interests, but it's advised to keep these relevant and limited to five to seven per campaign.

5. Setting Locations and Demographics

Specify your target locations and demographic details like age and gender. This feature is particularly useful for localised campaigns.

6. Creative Aspects

The AI Ads Manager provides access to licensed images from Shutterstock, among other sources. It helps select relevant images based on your specified interests.

7. Crafting Ad Copy

The platform generates multiple ad copy options based on your provided URL. You can tweak these to fit your preferences.

8. Finalising Call to Action and Budget

Choose a suitable call-to-action button and set your budget, which is preset at a recommended amount but can be adjusted.

Reviewing and Launching Your Campaign

Before launching, use the "Ad Combinations" feature to preview your ad in various formats. The platform also offers a forecast of potential results, though this should be taken with caution.

Once satisfied, you can launch your campaign. The system double-checks your settings before finalising, and once approved, your ad goes into review. Upon approval, it appears in your Business Manager and on the Maybe* dashboard.

The Maybe* AI Ads Manager is a powerful tool for creating Facebook advertising campaigns. It simplifies the process, from selecting objectives and targeting to creating ad content and setting budgets. By leveraging AI, advertisers can efficiently reach their desired audience with content that resonates, ultimately driving traffic and conversions.

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