Facebook and Instagram Targeting
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Reaching the 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram just got easier!

Follow this simple guide and video tutorial to reach the right customers:

1. Targeting Interests

- Our ChatGPT integration recommends targeting interests based on your prompts. These recommendations help you reach the right audience effectively.

- Review and customise your targeting by adding or removing interests as needed. You can also narrow down your audience further. For example, target Business page admins interested in Fitness to reach fitness industry entrepreneurs. Alternatively, leave targeting open and let the algorithm find your audience.

2. Retargeting Campaigns

- Consider setting up retargeting campaigns to reach people who have interacted with your business or website before. Research shows it takes an average of 7 interactions for a potential customer to make a purchase.

- Easily create retargeting audiences or choose from your existing ones within our AI ad tool. You can also build lookalike audiences, specifying the country for their base, to expand your reach while staying in control.

3. Location Targeting

- You have the flexibility to target a global audience or select a specific radius around your business location. Customise this setting to suit your campaign goals.

With our AI recommendations and user-friendly tools, finding and reaching your target audience on Facebook and Instagram has never been simpler.

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