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How to set up a Lead Generation Campaign
How to set up a Lead Generation Campaign

If you want to build quality leads for your business, a Facebook lead generation campaign is your go to. We'll guide you through here.

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This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up a Facebook lead generation campaign, an essential strategy for businesses looking to gather potential customer information directly through Facebook.

Starting your campaign

  1. Accessing Ads manager: Begin by navigating to in your Business Manager.

  2. Selecting your campaign objective: Click on ‘Create’ to start a new campaign. For this guide, we’re focusing on a lead generation campaign. Continue after selecting the 'Lead' objective.

  3. Naming your campaign: Provide a relevant name for your campaign, such as 'Content Calendar Facebook Lead Gen'.

  4. Setting campaign details: Ensure the campaign details, especially the objective (Lead), are correctly set. Avoid setting your budget at the campaign level if you’re planning a campaign with only one ad set.

  5. Building your audience: Move to the mid-layer of campaign setup to define your target audience. If you have pre-built audiences, you can select them here. For this example, we’re targeting Facebook page and business page admins – a significant audience pool of around 8 million.

  6. Instant Forms and page setup: Ensure the Instant Forms option is toggled correctly, as this is integral to lead generation campaigns. Double-check that the correct Facebook page is selected.

  7. Lead Ad terms: If it's your first lead ad, you’ll need to accept Facebook's terms related to data privacy.

  8. Setting budget: Decide whether to set a daily or lifetime budget based on your available resources.

  9. Placements: Use 'Advantage Placement' for Facebook to optimise ad placement. You can manually choose placements if you have specific preferences.

  10. Ad Optimisation and estimates: Set the optimisation for leads and review the estimated daily results.

Creating your Ad

  1. Naming your Ad: Give your ad a descriptive name.

  2. Choosing media: Decide whether to use a single image or video, or a carousel format. Upload your chosen media.

  3. Adding copy and creative elements: Remove any pre-populated images and add your own creative. Include engaging ad text and headlines, and choose an appropriate call-to-action, such as 'Download'.

  4. Creating lead forms: Lead forms are separate entities within Facebook ads. You can create a new form or select a pre-existing one. Customize the form with an image, headline, and description. Add necessary fields like email and first name.

  5. Setting privacy policies: Add your privacy policy URL and describe its content.

  6. Completion step: Customise the completion message to inform leads about what happens next. Use the call-to-action button effectively, directing users to your website or a specific landing page.

  7. Publishing the form: Once your form is complete, publish it and make sure it’s selected for the ad.

  8. Finalising the ad: Ensure the Facebook pixel is selected for tracking and then publish your ad.

Managing and integrating leads

Your leads will appear in the Facebook Lead Centre. You can manually download the data or integrate it with CRM tools for automatic email triggers. Regularly monitor and manage these leads to maximize the potential of your lead generation campaign.

For further assistance or queries, engage with the support available on the Maybe platform, or join regular sessions on ad creation and management.

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