How to create a follower campaign ad

A well-targeted likes campaign can increase your follower numbers, which is especially useful for new businesses. We'll guide you through.

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Here we’ll guide you through setting up a simple Facebook likes campaign. This is particularly useful if your business is relatively new and you're seeking to boost your page's followers. While organic posting and natural engagement from your page will cultivate the most authentic following, a well-targeted likes campaign can effectively increase your follower numbers in a relevant manner.

Getting started in Ads Manager

First, navigate to your Ads Manager at If you're unsure where your Ads Manager is, simply click on the burger icon - three horizontal lines - and find it either in your shortcuts or in the list. Whether you're using the new or old view, the burger icon is your gateway to the Ads Manager.

In the Ads Manager, you'll see the three-tier structure for campaign creation: the Campaign level, the Ad Set level, and the Ads themselves. By clicking 'Create', you'll see these hierarchies more clearly. For a Facebook likes campaign, select the 'Engagement' objective, then continue.

Setting your campaign

On the right, we'll build the campaign elements. Start by naming your campaign and scroll past the special ad categories unless they apply to your business. Ensure the 'Engagement' objective is selected. Toggle on to set the budget at the campaign level.You can set a daily budget (e.g., £10) or opt for a lifetime budget for a set period.

Building your audience

Next, target your audience in the following phase. Name the ad set something like 'B2B Small Business UK' for clarity. Define your audience, ensuring they align with your target personas. For instance, you might target the whole UK, with an age range and specific interests like small business ownership. It's crucial to avoid clickbaiting or targeting irrelevant audiences for cheap likes.

Use Facebook's Advantage placements for optimal campaign results across various platforms like Instagram and Messenger. Ensure your campaign is set to optimise for page likes.

Crafting the ad

Proceed to build the ad, and include engaging copy and eye-catching media. Choose an appropriate name for your ad, select the right Facebook page, and add elements like videos or images.The copy should resonate with your audience and encourage engagement.

Finalising and publishing

Give your campaign a final review, ensuring all settings are correct. Then, publish your campaign. Facebook will indicate the publishing stages, which correspond to the three levels of the campaign structure. (If only one stage shows as published, there may be an issue).

And that’s how you set up a simple Facebook likes campaign, aiming to attract a relevant and engaged audience for your business.

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