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Social media how to's and case studies
Social media how to's and case studies

These articles will help you get the most out of your social media channels.

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Social Media How To's

Find out how to get started with Social Media

Image and video specifications for postingFind out what file size and format is optimum for social media
Social media for business checklistMake sure your Facebook and Instagram social media pages set up correctly to best support your business
How to make the most of User Generated Content (UGC)User-generated content is the most organic content you can have
Show you care by responding to your customers on social mediaManage your customer feedback, good or bad, in three easy steps.
What should I post to best engage my customers?Post the content your customers like, comment and share the most to increase your engagement and reach. Here are some ideas and tips.
Five ways that social media can make your life easier and your customers happierStruggling to understand the value social media adds to your business? Here’s five reasons you should get started.
How frequently should you post on social media?Engage as many customers as possible by posting not too little and not too much. Here's a platform by platform guide.
Make your posts more eye-catching and shareable by including photosA guide to taking and using photos on social media
How to increase your Facebook audienceA how-to guide for growing your audience on Facebook.
How to give someone admin rights to your Facebook page in Business ManagerAdding or removing admin rights to your Facebook account is simple in Business Manager. We'll show you how to do it here.
How to manage and maintain your Facebook business pageCreate the correct user permissions to avoid losing access to your Facebook account.
Which social media sites should you use?Get social in the same spaces your customers are.
What is Messenger?A definition of Messenger: what it is, how it works, and why it's important for your business.
How to plan your first posts on FacebookStuck with your first posts pin Facebook for your business. Here are some pointers to consider when planning your first posts.
How to create a Facebook URL for your pageA Facebook vanity URL is an easy way to help your customers find you and your content.
Creating and using Facebook PollsFacebook polls are a useful tool for businesses to engage their audience and gather feedback. Here's how to create polls and their benefits.
How to write a great Instagram bioIt’s time for your brand personality to shine through
Five ways to increase your engagement on FacebookHow to get your posts seen, liked, and shared more by your audience on Facebook.
How to create your own catalogue of products on InstagramTagging products on Instagram helps people find out more about what you offer right from the moment they see a post. Here's how to do this.
How to get more Instagram engagementGet more engagement by posting quality content and being responsive on Instagram - start conversations and keep them going.
How to write a great Instagram captionUnsure what to post next to a photo on Instagram? Here are a few tips to help you out.
How to get your business set up for shopping on InstagramFind out how to set up your business for shopping on Instagram to add product tags to your posts.
How to create an Instagram storyHow to create engaging Instagram stories that your followers will love.
How to increase your Instagram followingA how-to guide for growing your audience on Instagram.
How to engage on XEverything you need to know about replying and retweeting on Twitter
How to provide customer service using XUse your Twitter (X) profile to meet your customer service needs.
How to increase your X followingA step-by-step guide for increasing the size of your X audience.
Get listed on Google My BusinessHelp customers find you on Google by listing your business on Google Maps and Google Search
How to build relationships on XSocial media is all about building relationships. Here are some tips on how to do this effectively on X (previously known as Twitter).
How to reach small business owners via social mediaExplore how businesses can use different social media channels to promote their products or services to small business owners
How to engage and share on InstagramLearn how to share posts on Instagram, and in turn boost your visibility on the platform
Exploring Threads: A Promising Alternative to Twitter?A few days after its launch, we delve into what we think the current strengths of Threads and areas we think it could be improved.
How to set up your Facebook Business ManagerHow to check if you have a Business Manager account, how to set one up if not, and how to switch from Business Suite to Business Manager.
How to Set up a Facebook Business PageJust getting started with Facebook for your business? Here we will walk you through how to set up a Facebook Business Page.
How to set up an Instagram business accountJust getting started with Instagram for your business? Here we’ll walk you through setting up an Instagram account.
Mastering Social Media Handles and Tags: A Guide to Effective EngagementFind out more about what is a social handle and how to tag others in your social posts
A Step-by-Step Guide on Creating AI Images for Instagram StoriesFollow these simple steps top generate an AI image for Instagram stories
A Step-by-Step Guide on Uploading Images to Your Social Media PostsHow to add an image to your social post
How to connect your Facebook Account to InstagramA step by step guide to connecting your Facebook and Instagram business accounts.
How to list on Google my Business without a physical locationA quick step by step guide on setting up a Google My Business listing - if you don’t have a physical location or office for your business
How to add your Page to your Business ManagerYou've set up your Facebook page and now want to add it to your Facebook Business Manager, so you can do ace stuff like run ads. Here's how.
How to engage from a Facebook Business PageEngaging is as important as creating content on Facebook. See how to respond to comments and interact as a business.
How to set up an account on XJust getting started on X and need a little helping hand setting up your account? We’ll walk you through here.
How to add someone into your Facebook Business ManagerA guide on how to add team members and Facebook users to your Business Manager to enable them to manage the page for you.
How to create a Facebook Pixel and add it to your websiteAdding a Facebook pixel to your website means you can track visitors to your website and then retarget them with Facebook and Instagram ads
How to add your Ad Account to your Business ManagerAdd your Facebook advertising account to your Business Manager to be able to advertise on Facebook and Instagram
How to verify your domain in your Business ManagerVerifying your domain ensures control over your content, and improves the integrity and security of your brand, ad targeting and analytics.
How to engage on a LinkedIn post as a businessLooking to grow your LinkedIn account for your business? Here we show you how to engage (comment, like and share) LinkedIn posts
How to create a LinkedIn page for your businessReady for your business to dive into LinkedIn? Of course you are. Here’s how to create a LinkedIn page for your business.
How to create a personal LinkedIn accountReady to dive into the world of LinkedIn? Here’s how to set up a personal LinkedIn account
How to add your e-commerce product catalogue to FacebookWant to add your online product catalogue to Facebook, and need a helping hand. Here we walk you through the different options.
What are the different advertising objectives and what do they meanSelecting the right advertising objective is crucial for the success of your marketing campaign. We'll walk you through the options here.
How to create a follower campaign adA well-targeted likes campaign can increase your follower numbers, which is especially useful for new businesses. We'll guide you through.
How to run retargeting with your advertisingWant to reconnect with people who have previously engaged with you on social media. We'll show you how.
Building an interest based audienceWant to target people with specific interests on social media, to make sure you are reaching the right audience? We show you how here.
How to use Google My Business to help your customers to find youOptimise your Google My Business listing with opening times, photography and more to give customers more reasons to visit you.
How to optimise your Google My Business listing to reach more customersGet your Google My Business up to date and optimised to reach more customers.
The different ways Ludlow Gin uses video on InstagramInstagram has a range of video tools you can use. Let's take a look at them in action with Ludlow Gin
How Ludlow Gin uses Stories to engage their customersTell us a story! Here we show you how to use Instagram Stories to maximum effect.
What should I post on X?Stuck on what to post on X? Here are some key tips on what to post to enhance your presence and engage effectively with your audience.
What should I post on LinkedIn?Posting the right content on LinkedIn can significantly boost your visibility and personal brand. Here's a handy guide on what to post.
What should I post on TikTok?Ready to dive into TikTok but not sure where to begin? Or looking to sprinkle some extra magic on your content? Here are some handy tips.
Creating a social media strategy for your businessWant to plan your activity on social media, but unsure how? Here's a handy guide to creating a strategy for your business.
How to use Google My Business to reach more customersHaving a great Google My Business (GMB) listing helps people to find you online. Grab some tips and tricks to improve your own listing.
Posting to TikTokWhen you're ready to publish new content, all you have to do is click the blue "New Post" button in the top right corner of your page.
What should I post on Instagram?Want you content to stand out from the crowd on Instagram? Here's a handy guide on what to post.
How can I use Stories to boost my social media presence?Stories can be a powerful tool for businesses on social media, offering several benefits that contribute to enhancing their online presence.
How to engage on LinkedInJust getting started on LinkedIn and want some engagement tips? Or keen to supercharge your existing engagement? Here's a handy guide.
How can I use social media influencers effectively?Effectively using influencers on social media can be a powerful strategy for businesses to increase reach, brand awareness and engagement.
How can I effectively use hashtags for my business on social media?Using hashtags on social media can help increase the visibility and reach of your business, and make your posts more discoverable.
How to Create a Facebook Group and Why: A Step-by-Step Guide for BusinessesFacebook groups are a great way to build a loyal community of customers. Here's a guide on how to set one up and why you should do it.
How to set up an account on TikTokSetting up an account on TikTok can be a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started.
How to create a carousel postCarousels are a popular type of content, and posting them from Maybe* is easy. We'll walk you through everything you need to know here.
How to create a recurring postRecurring posts save time and have many benefits. Here's how to schedule recurring posts in Maybe* and the advantages of doing so.
Adding a Team Member to Your Facebook Business PageGive your team access to your Business Facebook page

Do more with social media

Find out how you can do even more with your social media activity

Which social media platform should I focus on for my small business?It's sometime hard to know where to start with social media - here is our quick start guide.
Best practice for working with an ad agencyGet the most from your relationship with your ad agency
Five content tactics to rocket your social media engagement levelsKeeping your content fresh, new and interesting doesn’t have to be a struggle
Running a competition via social mediaEasily grow followers and increase engagement by running a competition
What are your social media KPIs?Before you know what good looks like, you need to understand what measurements to focus on
Improve your photography skills with our simple hacksBecome a social media photography pro without the need for an expensive shoot
Improve your videos with our simple hacksVideo might make you nervous, but with a little know-how we’ll have you feeling confident in no time
Building a community and growing your followers into a customer baseEnsure the people that follow you will also shop with you
Using Instagram Live to boost your businessHow to use Instagram Live and why it can have a huge impact on your business' visibility
Social Media Content Ideas for MarchDiscover how Maybe* Content Creation Calendar and inspire your content daily
Social Media Content Ideas for AprilDiscover how Maybe* Content Creation Calendar and inspire your content daily
Over 100 Marvellous Content Ideas for MayGetting involved in popular topics online offers a golden opportunity to engage and entertain your audience, and reach new people.
60 Fresh Social Media Content Inspirations for JulyWith a wealth of special days and weeks lined up, there's no shortage of inspiration to keep your social media presence in full bloom.
Nearly 100 Jubilant June Content IdeasHot topics online do more than help fill up your content schedule. They offer an opportunity to engage your audience and reach new people.
50 Awesome August Ideas To Make Your Socials Shine
100 Spectacular Social Media Ideas for SeptemberEngaging in awareness days not only enriches your content calendar but also provides a great opportunity to resonate with your community.
100 Outstanding Content Ideas for OctoberGetting involved in popular topics online helps you fill up your content schedule and engage your audience and reach new people too.
60 content ideas to make your socials go off with a bang in NovemberTopics like these are popular online, so getting involved is a great way to engage your audience, create fresh content and reach new people.
50 ideas to make your socials sparkle this December

Case studies

The latest case studies from Maybe*, showcasing how others can use the platform to improve their results.

How uses social media to effectively manage increasing customer contactSee how maintained good customer sentiment, with 67% of customer contact and engagement scoring positively.
How Cineworld let its audience create content and drive engagement for themIn the run up to reopening, used customer opinions to help them grow social media engagement by 143%.
How Nando’s prioritise customer engagement over content creation for efficiencyThe much-loved restaurant chain excels at protecting its brand identity and retains an authenticity that drives engagements.
How Doncaster Council entertains locals across social media to grow reach for its essential messagesSee how they've grown their social media audience to 82,000 followers.
How Primark uses social media engagement to build an army of loyal shoppersWith over 1,000 posts between April and August, they generated 7.1 million engagements with their content.
How a local salon drove reach and sales by prioritising growing engagement over followersThey saw an increase of 166% in the amount of content being created about them on social media.
How Putney BID Positively Putney grew the number of its businesses engaging with them by 158% in just six monthsSince January 2021 Putney has seen the amount of businesses creating social media conversations about their business and Putney grow by 42%.
How Vicar Lane Shopping Centre won big for innovation using Facebook MessengerVicar Lane improved its retail and entertainment offering over 18 months, winning them the Revo Gold Award for digital innovation.
From social media zero to hero – the journey of an independent cafe embracing social to grow its audience by 733%By embracing social media the business grew its online audience by 733% and successfully saved 70% of its sales.
How an independent retailer increased sales by over 11,000%One Maybe* customer used smart social media tactics to take their sales far beyond even their own expectations.
A lesson from Aldi in how to engage and entertain customers on social mediaLearn how Aldi engages its audience with entertaining tweets that earn 1000s of engagements, every day
How an indie fashion boutique delivered an additional £18,000 in sales with Facebook adsDenise Law, founder of indie fashion boutique Law & Co, caught our attention with her fantastic Instagram stories.
How Primark uses social media engagement to build an army of loyal shoppersWe show you how Primark excel on social, and how you can replicate their techniques - regardless of your business size or industry
How to use social media to engage customers like a ‘cheeky Nando’s’How Nando's keep their social strategy cheekily simple, to great success in the engagement stakes
How Ludlow Gin uses reels to increase reachHave you fully embraced Reels or are you still on the fence? Let us show you how a business leverages them effectively and how you can too.
See how Reels help you reach up to 80% more peopleWe all know that Reels are the content that Instagram really wants you to see at the moment. Here’s why Reels are worth your time and effort