How to set up an account on X

Just getting started on X and need a little helping hand setting up your account? We’ll walk you through here.

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Why X?

X is a great platform for reaching people interested in the same topics as you are, having conversations and building connections. It’s quick and easy to set up an account and get started.

How to set up an account

To set up a new account on X, you go into - X was previously known as Twitter - and you will see a button saying Create Account. Follow these steps to set up your account:

  • Click Create Account;

  • Enter the name you want your account to be known by, add your email address or your phone number, and date of birth, then click Next;

  • You will now see options to personalise your experience, so you can tick whether you want to get more from X by knowing more about your activity, whether you want to connect with people you know,, or see ads based on your X activity. Click which ones apply;

  • Next what you'll hope to see is three green ticks by your name, email address and date of birth, confirming these are available/valid;

  • Now you have an authentication process, to show you are human. Follow the steps to match the symbols;

  • You will then get a code sent to your phone number or email address, dependent on which you entered;

  • Enter this verification code and click next;

  • Then you put in a password;

  • Next add your profile picture - this might be your logo;

  • Then you choose your username, which is your @handle. X will stare if what you choose is taken or available;

  • Next you select different topics that are relevant and of interest to your business. You need to select three. This will customise your experience so you see content that is relevant to you and likely to be of interest;

  • The next step is to choose accounts to follow. X is all about having conversation, and therefore it's really important for accounts to follow each other, so they see each other's content and engage with that content. X will give you some suggestions of who you might want to follow and you need to follow at least one.

  • And that's your brand new X account set up. The content from the feeds you followed will now show in your news feed in Home, and the more feeds you follow the more content you will see there.

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